Making the biscuits

I’ve never been a baker and I wasn’t much of a cook until I started watching foodie television. I have always loved flaky biscuits but never really got the hang of them somehow. Until now.

I’ve had Ree Drummond’s drop biscuit recipe in my files for years so I pulled it out to make breakfast in the quarantine kitchen. Day 25 — OMG, I will be a great cook by the time this is over.

Since we don’t EVER have buttermilk in the house and we don’t actually have any real milk right now, I decided to try subbing Greek yogurt. I used 3/4 cup of yogurt and thinned it with 1/4 cup of chicken broth. And it worked perfectly! I will never go back to buying biscuits and by that I mean getting them in the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Since we were already doing the biscuits, we ended up with a travel theme to one of the places on our bucket list — Ireland. Voila, a full (ish) Irish with sausage for me and Beyond Beef sausages for Music Man.

In full disclosure, I also made hollandaise sauce the night before and thought to use it with our biscuits the next morning. The scrambled eggs on the plate is hollandaise. Somehow the thought never crossed my mind that the raw eggs in hollandaise would warm up to scrambled eggs. Duh. Not a problem, as the seasonings in the hollandaise made fabulous eggs!

Apparently I also should have thought more carefully about cutting that sausage to be sure it was done before I actually took the photograph. Love that deep shadow of the cut in my photo.

Just a quick tip on those sausages, though. I bought mild Italian seasoned chicken sausage and pork sausage from Whole Foods and mixed them together. The seasoning is perfect and has a lovely fennel taste.The 28 ounces of meat made about a dozen nice patties, which I froze flat and then bagged. I’ll buy these again, but thankfully I have enough to last me for a few more weeks.

I hope you are all safe and sound in your homes. I’d love to hear from you.

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