Wonderful World of Disney Tablescape

This week’s tablescape was inspired by my vintage Ferris wheel (I talked about its history here), and seemed the perfect week to showcase it in Cuisine Kathleen’s “summer whimsey” tablescape party.

GotMyReservations Chein Disney Ferris Wheel

J. Chein Disney Ferris Wheel

Growing up, we traveled in the summer since my father was a teacher. Every June, we packed up the trailer and headed off on a long car trip. The longest — and my brother says the most interminable — trip we ever took was from Ohio to California. It was on that vacation in about 1965 that I first went to Disneyland and was enchanted by Walt Disney’s vision.

As adults, we took our children to Disneyworld in 1989, sharing a condo on the property with friends from college and their son. Our two older boys were at a good age for Disneyworld, but little Engineering Barbie spent a lot of time in a stroller at age four. She was a good sport, though, and we enjoyed a fabulous vacation together.  Our kids have both been back with their high school bands for winter vacation trips to Florida. From those trips to the Magic Kingdom comes the inspiration for today’s tablescape.

GotMyReservations Wonderful World of Disney Intro

My Disney Ferris wheel takes center stage in this tablescape, supported by a wooden planter box painted with chalk paint.

GotMyReservations Wonderful World of Disney Centerpiece 3

When I think of Disney’s amusement parks, the first thing that comes to mind is how important it is to bring a camera, so I lined up a couple of point-and-shoot cameras from our collection. Then I added some photos of my family at Disneyworld and other amusement parks.

GotMyReservations Wonderful World of Disney Photos

I struggled with colors to put this tablescape together because the bright primary colors on the Ferris wheel have faded. The red gingham checked napkins I thought I was going to use looked terrible — so back I went to my stash to come up with softer blues. I ended up using a combination of textures and colors to support the colors in the Ferris wheel, with striped melamine dishes setting the festive tone.

GotMyReservations Wonderful World of Disney Place Setting

Blue plastic dessert plates play nicely with the blue flatware and cobalt iced tea glasses. It’s a summer party! Extra flatware is right on the table where you need it, corralled in collectible mugs from Disneyworld.

GotMyReservations Wonderful World of Disney Centerpiece 4

Music Man says that he is done with Disney theme parks, but I’ve always had a hankering to go back and take the behind-the-scenes tour of the gardens. If there’s one thing Disney does right — and there are many things — it’s the landscaping at its parks. I had to include miniature roses in my tablescape to represent the glorious gardens of Disney.

GotMyReservations Wonderful World of Disney Centerpiece

So there you have it — another tablescape inspired by my family heirlooms and treasured memories. I really appreciate your kind comments and your love for my family stories. I’m linking up today with the Summer Whimsey Challenge at Cuisine Kathleen, and Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.

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21 thoughts on “Wonderful World of Disney Tablescape

  1. That is so fun! I love all the color in your tablescape. Of course, the Disney Ferris Wheel is the colorful base of everything, and it’s the star! I enjoyed your mixture of plates.

    • Isn’t it funny how a stack of plates looks better when you just turn one sideways? It just goes to show that you don’t have to use fancy china to create an appealing tablescape.

  2. Lovely…your plates and all the colors are perfect for Disney! I agree that the landscaping there is marvelous. Love this table.

    • I really wish I could see either Disney park now — it’s been a long time — and I have to admit I’m intrigued by the one in France. I wonder what they did differently.

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Kathleen. I appreciate having the opportunity to share my tablescape at your blog.

    • Thanks for visiting, Babs. It was fun to dredge up the memories that go with the Ferris wheel!

  3. Nothing could say summer fun better than a trip to Disney. The ferris wheel is precious and a perfect center piece for a whimsical Disney tablescape. The ferris wheel along with the bright colors and the miniature roses all bring to mind a beautiful summer day spent with family and loved ones making memories for a lifetime. Have a wonderful weekend…. Candy

    • I’m waiting for the day that I can take my grandkids to Disney — hopefully I won’t be too old!

  4. FUN!!! I love the really brilliant jumble of colors used to create your tablescape! VERY Disney! You have so much memorabilia from a time when there was a wonderful innocence in this world.

    I’ve never taken a tour of the Disney gardens. That would have been absolutely wonderful, I’m sure! I’m sure I could learn a lot from their landscaping!

    • I had to go into the wayback machine (that shows you how old I am!) to find those photos, and they brought back good memories. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Very cute. Your photos remind me of a couple treasured ones I have from Disney trips. Fond memories of when the kids were old enough and we took them to enjoy Disney World. Love the Chein ferris wheel. Thank you.

  6. Jennie, We were thinking alike for summer whimsy! I also did a disney table, inspired by our recent visit. As a matter of fact most of the photos I took this time were of the gardens and flowers and topiaries. I have always thought that disney landscaping was highly overlooked by most people. I remember our first visit 20 years ago in December and seeing poinsettia in all the beds and thinking about how we rush them from the stores to the car here in CT, fearing for their safety in the cold air! I love your bright table and the ferris wheel. Linda

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