New Bells for Notre Dame


Our friend Judy came back from her trip to France all agog about having seen these bells being manufactured for Notre Dame. The video is in French, but worth the view to see these beauties!

You can read about the bells in English here at the Paris Perfect Blog.

Since the new bells will be installed in time for Easter, I’ll be able to hear them on our trip to Paris in April. Yay!


While not precisely what Marty had in mind, when she asked us to link up to her cloche party, I couldn’t resist sharing this post. After all, the word cloche is actually French for “bell” and when you listen to the French video, you will hear the word cloche over and over again as they talk about the new bells for Notre Dame. I hope you enjoy this trip to France and a very interesting story!

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13 thoughts on “New Bells for Notre Dame

    • Marty, I’ve also got a cloche planned for Thursday. I’ve been searching my stash for something to resemble a cloche.

  1. Great video! Thank you so much for sharing the story of the “cloches”, which obviously is a French word too! Wisishing you a wonderful trip to France, which I don’t doubt it will! You are featured at the Winter Cloche Party at Maty’s place!! I am too, hope you visit me. Have a good week.

  2. So interesting. Somewhere in my reading recently I came across that the french word for bell was cloche. Kind of neat that your post featured that.

    I love Paris and Notre Dame was so special when we were there.

  3. Climbing to the top of Notre Dame and seeing the bells and the gargoyles AND the incredible views from up there was my favorite part of our trip to Paris. I hope you love every minute!

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