Sunset at JFK

Welcome back! Well, maybe you were already here, but I wasn’t.

We just returned from a two-week trip to France and I’ve been busy renegotiating life in the Windy City. Life does go on, doesn’t it, after one returns from a highly anticipated vacation?

I’ve been writing about our trip in detail on a vacation blog, France Frolic 2013, which is linked up in my sidebar. If you want all France, all the time, go there for the goods on our trip.

Meanwhile, over here on Got My Reservations, I’m going to be showcasing some photos from the trip that don’t really fit into the travelogue concept. This photo was taken with my point and shoot out the window as I saw our plane silhouetted against the fading sun.


As for me, it’s welcome to Reality 101 and I REALLY need to get to the gym!

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2 thoughts on “Sunset at JFK

  1. Oh, poor Jennie…I’ll just bet it is nearly impossible to settle back into reality after such a wonderful trip! I know I’d be longing for those vacation days again, too! I have a feeling you’ll be making plans and saving $$$ to get back there again in the not-too-distant future. Life is short. Vacation ’til you drop! 🙂

    That’s a beautiful shot of the sunset and the airplane! It reminds me of the 1950s for some reason. Really cool!

    • Alycia, I fear you know me too well. We think we are going to Italy and England next year… our first trip to Italy. People tell me that I will fall in love with Italy, and I believe them.

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