Shadows and Reflections Photo Essay

I’ve got a new camera and I’m in love! More on that later, but today I’m sharing my photos from Fathers’ Day, with a theme of shadows and reflections in a photo essay.

As I’ve been learning about my camera and lenses, I’ve also learned that choosing a theme for the day helps to organize my creativity and my output. My relatives and friends will tell you that there’s only so many flower photos they can stand in one day!

My day started with church and the beautiful light that comes in through side windows in our altar area. That set my theme for the day.
Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

We went to the Art Institute of Chicago in the afternoon specifically to see the exhibit America after the Fall: Painting in the 1930s. This collection will be shown until September 18, 2016, and I highly recommend it. The show includes well-known works by Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keefe, and Thomas Hart Benton. While resting on the chairs outside the exhibit, I noticed that the glass wall of the exhibition hall was reflecting both the outdoor garden and the people walking by.

Shadows and Reflections: Photo EssayAfter we viewed the exhibit, we visited some of the other art galleries in the Modern wing of the museum. There were some winners, but I have to admit, I don’t get a lot of what is called modern art. I wasn’t the only one; every now and then we would encounter another visitor laughing quietly at a piece of “art”. The following two pieces caught my eye due to their three-dimensional nature that caused shadows and reflections.

Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

Five Blues (Punj Neelay) by Rasheed Araeen

Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

We escaped to the cool basement rooms to see the treasures from Iran, and encountered beautiful tiles and artifacts.

Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

After we had our fill of art, Music Man asked for a pint of dark beer for his special day, so our daughter chose the Beer Bistro for our dinner. The beer list was wide-ranging, and the food was fresh and well-prepared. Of course, the camera came out to pick up a few interesting images.

Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

Mirrors make the best photos, and turning it into black and white highlighted all of the interesting architecture in this pub.

Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

There was some sort of metal tower out in the courtyard between the buildings, and the late afternoon sun caught its shadow.

Shadows and Reflections: Photo Essay

The metal tower again, framed by the barred window, a troll and a wine bottle inside the pub.

So what’s the new camera? It’s a 4/3 mirrorless Panasonic Lumix G7, and I bought a 14-140 zoom lens to use as my walking around lens. I am also borrowing a 100-300 zoom lens, which I’m pretty sure I have to buy from my friend. This camera fits in my purse, is lightweight, and takes lighting fast photos. I’m hooked!

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off

Le Pouce – Photo of the Day

GotMyReservations - Le Pouce Thumb Sculpture in Paris

Sculptor César Baldaccini’s sculpture Le Pouce (The Thumb) stands in direct contrast to the modern office buildings in the La Défense section of Paris. Built in 1965, it literally puts a finger on the pulse of Paris’s business district. You can read more about César Baldaccini here.

Photography Travel Theme: Multiples

This week’s travel theme at Where’s My Backpack? is multiples. When I first decided to link up with Ailsa, I was at a loss as to what to actually feature among my photos. But, as with any conceptual theme (and a lust for travel), inspiration will take you beyond where you thought you could go.

Here’s a few local shots for your traveling enjoyment. After all, Chicago is a travel destination for some people — just not me. 🙂

Let’s start with multiple tree branches taken on New Year’s Day at Dawes Park in Evanston, Illinois. Dawes Park is just south of Northwestern University along Lake Michigan and is a local treasure. I loved the way the afternoon sun hit the branches of the trees and the amazing blue of the sky on a very cold day.

Following along the path in Dawes Park, we discovered the rocks piled up to form a breakwater. The sun on the snow with the contrast of the rock was breathtaking.

On a lighter note, my travels took me to my nail salon yesterday, and I couldn’t resist taking this photo of another kind of multiples. I gave the photo a little “boost” of color, and there you have it. A smile for your day…

  Happy weekend and happy photography!

Be sure to stop by Ailsa’s blog at Where’s My Backpack? and check out some photographs by other posters!


Provence Week: Hot, Hot, Hot

Many painters have tried to capture the effect of Provence’s clear light.

While strolling through the many photos in the Cezanne in Provence book, I ran across these two paintings with similar subjects.  Since it’s forecast to be yet another triple digit day, I figured I might as well show some pictures of naked men swimming. 🙂

This one is obviously painted by Cezanne and is called Les baigneurs au repos (Bathers at Rest). Cezanne did many paintings of bathers, both men and women.

On this painting of bathers by Frederic Bazille called Scène d’été (The Bathers) you can clearly see the date — 1869. Both Bazille and Cezanne are considered Impressionists, but which painting was created first?

Make your guess first, and then look here for your answer as well as some other Cezanne bathers. Were you right or did you cheat?

And just in case you haven’t had enough of almost naked men for the day, click in here to see Matthew McConnaughey in his current starring role. The Impressionists may have painted naked men, but now we can see them on the big screen!

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