The Book I Haven’t Written Yet

I was at the library the other day, and hidden among the travel guides was a charming little book written by author, artist, and traveler Susan Branch.

Click on link to see Susan Branch's web site

Click on photo to see Susan Branch’s web site

It sat on my TBR pile for a few days, but since it’s from the library, I knew I needed to get cracking on it before it was due. To come clean, I have a bunch of other books that I SHOULD be reading but this one was speaking to my soul. What a wonderful title!

Imagine my amazement, delight, and honestly, my chagrin, when I found that Susan Branch has actually written the book I was born to write. It’s kind of a good thing/bad thing. Written in the form of a journal and memorializing her 25th anniversary trip to England with her husband, the book abounds with quotes from songs and authors, hand-painted illustrations, and photos and stories from her travels.

Susan went to worship at the altar of Jane Austen in Chawton and so did I.

Susan went to worship at the altar of Jane Austen in Chawton and so did I.

Susan loves visiting old houses and so do I. Susan loves visiting English gardens and so do I. Susan loves staying in apartments and getting to know a region as much like a local as is possible and so do I.

Got My Reservations - Hever Castle Intro

Susan went to Hever Castle and so did I. Click into the photo to see my post about our trip to Anne Boleyn’s childhood home.

yellowIn addition to her books and blog, Susan Branch is a design industry unto herself. Partnering with manufacturers, she sells textiles, paper goods, jewelry, and lots of other items on her website. I am especially intrigued by her connections with small, non-chain quilting stores who sell her fabric designs. Click here for her extensive list of items.

I feel as though I’m blathering on here like some sort of author groupie, but really, if you are an Anglophile, you will absolutely love this book. You will probably love it if you are a cozy person who never travels but loves to visit places through others’ eyes. It’s a book you may want to give to a friend who loves England.

Now you will have to excuse me as I need to read her other books.

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  1. Just finished another Susan Branch book…The Fairy Tale Girl. Loved the book on England. Makes you want to pack your bags and just go! Talented lady…

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