The Mystery of the Vase Filler Corks

I thought this was pretty funny when I saw it at Target.GotMyReservations -- Vase FillerWhat person wants to fill a vase with corks from wine they didn’t actually drink? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

This is a new low in our immediate gratification society.

I think this is worthy of a bless my heart, and I’m not even southern.

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6 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Vase Filler Corks

  1. I saw this too and was tickled by it! Maybe I should go into business, packaging up some of the zillions we have around the house.

  2. I saw these at Target and told my husband basically the same thing 🙂 I guess they are for people that don’t drink or have any friends to give them corks. It seems a little odd to me too!

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