My Wild and Precious Life

Every day is a new possibility in one’s life. It’s a chance to see something new and become a better citizen of the world.

I first started blogging back in the dark ages, and I thought I would be anonymously writing about things that I couldn’t share in life as a middle school English teacher. That didn’t last long — the kids found my “anonymous” blog relatively quickly, but I continued to be pretty careful with my public opinions. Once I retired, I started thinking more about what I wanted to say and who was actually interested in what I had to say. 🙂

When I first grabbed the “got my reservations” domain, I was excited about the possibilities of exploring the metaphor of having reservations. Think about it — we make reservations for travel and restaurants but we also have reservations about things in our lives. Got My Reservations allows me to talk about travel as well as art and home decor, about food and restaurants, and to occasionally vent about politics and world affairs. And, as a now-retired English teacher, I’m fascinated by the written and spoken word and how different mediums influence a culture, so I share my opinions about books, films, and television.

I’ve always been interested in “the places I’ll go.” I read historical fiction books and study travel guides and maps until the words blur in front of my eyes. I watch movies because they are set in a particular location. In other words, I’m passionate about travel, and finally, after retiring from teaching, I am able to travel more frequently. I particularly enjoy visiting England and France, and am looking forward to trips to eastern and southern Europe in the next couple of years. I also enjoy traveling in the United States, but spent a lot of summers doing car travel with my family as a child. I think I’ve been to all forty-eight mainland states.

All those years I spent teaching kids how to read and write are now standing on their heads. It’s my turn to dream and applaud and sometimes even judge with my words. This “wild and precious life” is the only one I’ve got, and I’m determined to do something exciting with it.

What’s your dream? I’ll hope you’ll share yours with me as we travel together.


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2 thoughts on “My Wild and Precious Life

  1. Hi Jennie
    I happened on your site from the 365 photo project. I loved the photos of sushi – made me want to get to that restaurant. As a principal – not yet retired, I connect with your new burst as our ability to post or say publicly is somewhat hampered by our roles in the schools. All the best for you in photography and writing.

  2. Hi, Jennie.
    I ran across the Chateau de Roussan post on your old blog. I just wanted to let you know this hotel is featured in a 1969 movie titled “Secret World”. I recently watched it on TMC it and found myself transfixed by the chateau and the grounds. Just thought you might like to see how it looked in 1969! Very enchanting! Anyway, you can probably rent it on Amazon.

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