Restaurant Visit: Circa 57 in Arlington Heights

We have been eyeing Circa 57 since it opened. The problem is that Music Man and I are eyeing it through different lenses.

Circa 57 is a new restaurant in downtown Arlington Heights, Illinois, and includes the space at the corner of Vail and Campbell previously occupied by the Grand Station restaurant and Peoples Bank. It’s got a wonderful location!

I was intrigued by the possibilities of their food mission. Music Man wasn’t so sure — he wasn’t interested in ever going back to the food of 1957, thank you very much. I was relieved to actually see the menu. Even though it includes throwback style food, many of the offerings are updated for the more sophisticated tastes of today. Continue reading

A Visit to Chicago’s GT Fish & Oyster Restaurant

Chicago is well-known for its wonderful restaurants, and over the holidays, my family had the opportunity to experience several gastronomic delights. For the next few Fridays, I’m going to continue what I started last week with our visit to Eataly, and will feature some of Chicago’s great dining establishments.

Named after its Michelin-starred chef, Guiseppe Tentori, GT Fish & Oyster has been open since March 2011 at 531 N. Wells Street in Chicago. The 115-seat restaurant’s menu focuses on fresh, seasonal seafood presented in small plates designed for sharing, and the pricing is designed to fill a hole in Chicago’s market by offering outstanding seafood at mid-range prices (source). On the high side of what we consider mid-range, the prices are probably fair for the quality of the food.  Continue reading

Chicago Day 1: Sepia Restaurant

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From its hidden-away front door to its sexy bathroom, Sepia is a treat for anyone who finds it. Every detail is important to the ambiance of this West Loop restaurant carved out of an old print shop. Its cocktails are creative and delicious and its wine cellar is carefully curated to match the menu. Even the coasters (which I desperately wanted to steal but didn’t) are thematic. Sepia is a total experience.

And the food speaks for itself. The Sepia menu is seasonal and inspired.

House made charcuterie selection

Carnaroli risotto, beets, walnuts, pecorino pecato, pickled lemon

Grilled albacore tuna, squid ink couscous, berbere spice

Halibut, sweet corn, fingerling potatoes, crispy onions, curry

Selection of three domestic cheeses

Our anniversary dessert — a nutella mousse

In addition to the beautiful main dining room, Sepia also has a private room available for rent. I took a photo through the door and even empty, it was stunning.

Sometimes I wonder if celebrity executive chefs (Iron Chef) actually are a part of the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, but it seems that Andrew Zimmerman really put his heart and soul into Sepia.

P.S. I’m still struggling with the gaucheness of taking photos in elegant restaurants, and we took these photos with my iPhone. I know they’re not perfect, but they didn’t cause the other people in the restaurant to roll their eyes at us.

Wordless Wednesday

It doesn’t count when it’s not my words, right? This post by David Lebovitz was too good not to link up.

Image via David Lebovitz

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