Is Dazzling Blue the New Radiant Orchid?

I’ve gotten two clothing catalogs that are telling me that blue is the hot color for spring. I read that Dazzling Blue (which bears a great resemblance to Facebook blue) is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014.

Talbott’s is showcasing “Coastal Classics” in the catalog that arrived today in the middle of Chicago’s snowstorm. Blue. Continue reading

Pumpkin Delight Tablescape

It’s that time of year — time for the Pumpkin Delight Tablescape. I’m not all that fond of orange, but I managed to find a vision for pumpkin time that I could live with.

GotMyReservations-Pumpkin Delight Tablescape Intro

The Pumpkin Delight Tablescape adds fall elements in an eclectic mix of formal and informal tableware.

For the first time in my life, I have a dining room table and chairs that I ordered exactly the way I wanted them to be. I’ve been the lucky beneficiary of many a hand-me-down table, and for this I am grateful, but I figured that I deserved the dining room set that I wanted, not what my relatives wanted. My Amish-made oak table and chairs are crafted in Illinois and are sturdy as well as beautiful — and with all the leaves in the table it will seat twelve. Yay! Continue reading

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