(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Photographers do the craziest things.

I chased these white horses around the field in Sauder Village trying the get the perfectly synced photo.

It turned out that the first one I took was the best… isn’t that always the case?

P.S. After I prepared this post, I realized that those rocks in the corner were actually little horse pies and was aghast. Then I decided to keep them in as proof of a photographer’s folly in not cropping one’s photos. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday

I know I’m supposed to be embracing where I am today — that carpe diem stuff.

All I really want to do is go on vacation.

Image via frogprop.com

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Wordless Wednesday: Playing with My iPhone Camera

What did I learn about using HDR Pro after my iPhone camera class on Saturday? One needs to have a steady hand — and apparently I don’t. When the two photos merge together the edges need to match. If your hands shake, you get shaky edges. You can see them in the original photo I took. I chose this one because of the cute little snow nipple. 🙂

The other thing I learned at class is that if I take a shaky photo, I can tart it up with effects. Using Picnik, I added the Heat Map 2.0 effect. It certainly takes your mind off of my shaky edges and gives a whole new dimension to the snow nipple!

And I’m heartbroken that Picnik is “merging” with Google. I tried it, and it doesn’t have the effects and framing capabilities that the original Picnik does. Picnik was just so darn easy — who’s got a recommendation for a busy teacher?

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Wordless Wednesday

One of my RENEW goals for 2012 is to be more intentional about my photography, and my friend Jerry is an inspiration for better pics. He’s doing a class in photography using the iPhone on Saturday, and I’m really pumped to learn more about what my phone can do!

I decided to go to Trader Joes and take some pictures with my phone, so here’s some spring for Wordless Wednesday on this gloomy winter day.

And just in case you didn’t see it, this is why I love Glee.

Image via Fox TV

Image via imabeautygeek.com

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19 Days of Christmas 2011: It’s Not Christmas Until Somebody Sings the Hallelujah Chorus

It’s Wordless Wednesday, so I’ll let the music do the talking for me.

From last year, here’s a favorite post that honors one of our family’s Christmas traditions. I had forgotten that last year I found a youtube.com video for us to sing with since mom wasn’t able to play the score anymore. It’s also not Christmas until we sing The Night Before Christmas.

Wordless Wednesday

Is there anything more beautiful that the pristine perfection of spirea in spring? Officially it’s Vanhoutte spirea (S. vanhouttei), the classic bridal wreath spirea.

Image via Got My Reservations

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