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Every now and again I go through a period of intense need to create, and blog posts just flow out of me. Of course, the converse is sometimes true and I can’t work up the desire to even log on to Got My Reservations. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not trying to write a book right now!

I do have a book in my head, though, and it’s based around one of my favorite historical characters, Anne Boleyn.

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After visiting her childhood home this summer, I got an idea for a DaVinci Code style mystery. Maybe when I retire…

Anyway, the last month has been a dry spell, but at least I have a reason. It’s been one of those hanging-by-my-fingernails starts to the school year. We have a new curriculum and most of its resources must be accessed online. I spend hours looking through menus trying to find the book I need and then have to page through PDF files because the page in the index isn’t exactly the same page as it is in the PDF list. Don’t you think that the publisher would understand and try to fix at least that little annoyance? And there are so many others, but that’s not why I’m writing at 6:46 am this morning.

While reading the painful account of my niece’s road to foreclosure, my heart was breaking. In the spirit of sharing her joys and tribulations to help others as she does, I have linked her story up here. Perhaps there is someone in your life who needs some support from a friend.

Are you a comment reader? Sometimes the comments are as fascinating as the blogger’s stories, so this week I skimmed down Jessie’s comment list. At the bottom, I found the blog where she links up her Saturday Linky Love and decided to check it out. I want to reach out there in cyberspace and hug Staci from Simply Staci for saying what I haven’t had time to write this year, much less say to the parents of my students. If husband wasn’t still sleeping, I would have laughed out loud at Staci’s comment about middle school dances.

I hope that your life isn’t in a dry spell and that you are enjoying your weekend. I’m determined to get those 50 baseline proficiency essays graded so that I can re-emerge into cyberspace sometime soon, not to mention have a weekend life. See you soon!

Saturday Linky Love

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to all who read and commented this week. Apparently most of you like the new format, and I like it too, so I think it stays. I’m still looking for someone to help me with some customization and domain hosting issues. If you know a blog designer in the Chicago area who works with WordPress, please give me their contact information.

I’m going to miss those fluorescent tulips, though. Here’s one more look before they are gone forever.

This week I was determined to do some cross-promotion and it really worked. I had more visits from Mama Kat’s Losin’ It and Vanderbilt Wife that I have had since I posted Grandma Lill’s spaghetti sauce. I’d like to send out a big thanks to those ladies for their continued support of the blogging community.

Just in case you missed one of them, here’s a few links to bloggers that crossed my radar this week. Besides having very creative titles to their blogs, they also have thoughtful and funny stories to share. Please spread the comment love around!

Damsel and Family
A Thankful Heart
These Days of Mine
Rubber Chicken Madness
Mommy’s Nest
The Psycho Babbles
My Time As A Mom
On My Mind
Dishwater Dreams
Farewell, Stranger
What Were We Thinking?
Open-Eyed Sneeze

Here’s wishing you a beautiful and restful weekend. If you’re cooking, do it with a glass of something relaxing in your hand and remember that you can always order pizza.

Linky Love: Possibly the Ugliest and Most Tasteless Shoe I Have Ever Seen

Are you Too Hot to Trot? This link was too good not to share. My daughter found it and I thought it needed to be passed on. Don’t you want this fashion statement in your closet?

via Small World News Service

P.S. All the proceeds for the sale of these boots at the Cheltenham (England) Festival horse race go to charity. Just don’t give the boots to charity; they may not want them.

Linky Love: Life With the Campbells

What do you do when you find a blog you really like? You share it, of course! Molly Campbell, of Life with the Campbells, recently started writing for one of my favorite blogs, Moms Who Need Wine — just for its name it’s worth reading — and I would love to share her with you.

The post I have linked really hit home because lately it has come to my attention that my daughter, her friends, and my nieces are amazing women, and I’m very proud of them. I’ve been trying to figure out how to say that better, but really… it’s just true.

I’ve always loved the girls but now I see them as women to be respected as well as loved. You know how one day they are little girls wearing their Disney Princess costumes and then suddenly they are chemical engineers, teachers, college recruiters, artists, psychologists, writers, and mothers and wives? It just seems like yesterday that I was sewing tutus (wait — it was just seven months ago that I was sewing Jem and the Holograms costumes for the same 25-year-old daughter and friend, but I digress) and now they are all grown up and wonderful.

Molly says it better than I have. Enjoy Molly Campbell @ Life With the Campbells.

Linky Love: Are You Raising A Narcissist?

I often read a blog written by a mother in Alaska. She’s smart, witty, and is willing to put herself smack-dab in the middle of a controversial subject. This one spoke to my heart, as I worry about the young people sitting in my classroom. Will they learn to be independent, caring adults? Sometimes I wonder.

Scribbit: A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska

P.S. Be sure to read the comments!

Linky Love: Renting Italian Villas

This isn’t my year to do Italy, but I’m already thinking about next summer. My blogging friend Linda Dini Jenkins has written a wonderful post about renting villas in Italy for your next vacation.

Last summer we traveled with our friends Mark and Kathy in England and are looking forward to traveling with them again. For Christmas, they gave us Linda’s book, Up at the Villa: Travels with My Husband. For me, travel memoirs are like peanut M & Ms; I just can’t put them down until I’m all finished. Linda’s lovely book was no exception and I devoured it in one sitting. Ever since I saw Enchanted April for the first time, I have always wanted to rent a villa in Italy with friends. Apparently I’m not the only one, as Linda’s interview with Mario Scalzi proves.

If you are interested in traveling in Italy or just reading about it from your arm chair, I encourage you to link up with Linda. She’s a great writer with practical travel advice. Viva the Villa Experience!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, but I wouldn’t tell you to buy or read something if I didn’t believe in it. I’m just keeping it real.

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