Linky Love: Renting Italian Villas

This isn’t my year to do Italy, but I’m already thinking about next summer. My blogging friend Linda Dini Jenkins has written a wonderful post about renting villas in Italy for your next vacation.

Last summer we traveled with our friends Mark and Kathy in England and are looking forward to traveling with them again. For Christmas, they gave us Linda’s book, Up at the Villa: Travels with My Husband. For me, travel memoirs are like peanut M & Ms; I just can’t put them down until I’m all finished. Linda’s lovely book was no exception and I devoured it in one sitting. Ever since I saw Enchanted April for the first time, I have always wanted to rent a villa in Italy with friends. Apparently I’m not the only one, as Linda’s interview with Mario Scalzi proves.

If you are interested in traveling in Italy or just reading about it from your arm chair, I encourage you to link up with Linda. She’s a great writer with practical travel advice. Viva the Villa Experience!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, but I wouldn’t tell you to buy or read something if I didn’t believe in it. I’m just keeping it real.

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4 thoughts on “Linky Love: Renting Italian Villas

  1. Hi, Jennie:

    I’m hoping that you’ve had a chance to see the trip I’ve got planned for writers (and non-writers) in Verona in May. Not in a villa, but it will be a wonderful experience nevertheless. Any chance you can come?

    • Linda, I’m still living on the school teacher’s calendar. Hopefully in four more years I’ll be able to take one of your trips. Have fun — it does sound wonderful!

  2. I traveled to Italy for the first time in May. We went with Linda and a group of friends to Abruzzo. It was fantastic. The hill town of Civitella del Tronto was incredible. Abruzzo is off the beaten track, but that is part of what makes it so special. I hope to get back to Italia some time soon.

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