Pretty in Pink Tablescape

big-pink-wedding-dress-designs-for-girlsWhat is it about the color pink that make girls’ hearts go pitty-pat?

Pink wedding dresses, pink shoes, pink handbags, pink upholstery — it’s all about pink for little girls and grown women. There’s the pink aisle at the toy store filled with Barbie and her accessories — and remember when our craft stores were replacing Christmas merchandise with pink and red Valentine’s Day stuff long before December 25?

Pink isn’t all about being sweet and girly. It’s the symbol of strength and fortitude when applied to fighting breast cancer. I remember the first pink suit I bought when I felt I was sufficiently established in my career to get away with wearing pink — and I never went back. In fact, I’m just about to add a new pink blazer to my wardrobe in an unstructured knit to match my new more casual lifestyle — a lifestyle in which my inspiration word is STRONG.

Creating the Pretty in Pink Tablescape

I had the opportunity to help out my very strong and pink-loving daughter a while back, and got her permission to play with her dishes while I was waiting for the delivery guys to come. I created one tablescape, and shared the Fish Tale Tablescape for a Thoroughly Modern Daughter with you in September. I also totally enjoyed creating a Pretty in Pink tablescape, blending her classic black and white dishes with her screaming pink chargers and glassware. I have to say, it was fun!

She’s been collecting pink glassware for a while, choosing items from my mother’s estate and even saving florist’s vases that were in the right color palette. She also asked me to start looking for silver platters in my resale rounds, and I created this centerpiece for her using her bits and pieces of pink. Inexpensive mums from the grocery store finish off the look.

GotMyReservations -- Pretty in PinkTablescape Centerpiece

Cream placemats on the dark wood set off the pink chargers and black and white china.

GotMyReservations -- Pretty in PinkTablescape Place Setting 8-27-2013 2-33-43 PM 3342x2526

Stemmed wine glasses in a cranberry pink add shine and another layer of saturated color to the table.

GotMyReservations -- Pretty in Pink Tablescape Place Setting 2 8-27-2013 2-33-52 PM 3340x2524

The result is a tablescape perfect for a dinner for two with a girlfriend or a man who understands the power of pink in a girl’s psyche.

GotMyReservations -- Pretty in Pink Tablescape A 8-27-2013 2-34-51 PM 3334x2518

We turn the girly pink story on its ears when we use it to express the strength of women.

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Got my bags, got my reservations,
Spent each dime I could afford.
Like a child in wild anticipation,
I long to hear that, “All aboard!”

Music and lyrics by Bud Green, Les Brown and Ben Homer (1944)

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19 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink Tablescape

    • Thanks for visiting, Marty. I loved using my daughter’s pink accessories to create a new option for her.

  1. Oh, I love this, Jennie! Those chargers and pretty stemmed glasses look wonderful with the black and white china. Now I’m thinking that *I* need some black and white china! It would look great with linens and glasses in just about any color, wouldn’t it? I know you had fun “playing” with the dishes at your daughter’s!

    • When I saw those black and white pieces in a garage sale, I grabbed them because I knew they’d come in handy somewhere. It was a little hard to give them up, but I’m glad I did as they work well with my daughter’s other tableware. Thanks for visiting, Tricia!

  2. I love how the pinks just pop on this table. Pink looks great with black, and her dishes were the perfect choice. The extra pop from the Mums make this table so inviting. laurie

    • When I saw those mums at the grocery store, I knew the bold colors would be striking against the dark table. Easy centerpiece with a lot of impact! Thanks for visiting, Laurie.

  3. Gosh, that’s a pretty table setting! The pink just JUMPS right off the table and into the heart!!! Pink is my favorite color, and this bold edition of it beneath that cool china really rocks my world!

    I’ve always thought of pink as a powerful color. When Jacqueline Kennedy was in that motorcade with her husband, it seemed like a color of sweetness and light. But when she was standing next to Lyndon B. Johnson on that plane as he took the oath of office, standing there with all the strength of 1000 horses even with blood stains of her now-dead husband all over that beautiful pink suit…the color spoke of nothing but power and strength and fortitude. No other color could possibly do when it comes to standing up against breast cancer!

    Neat post, Jennie!

    • Alycia, my mom was a breast cancer survivor but other ailments did her in. She was, however, my role model for being strong in the face of illness and discomfort in her last five years. We women can do just about anything, including live through the loss of husbands as Jackie Kennedy did. Thank you for reminding me of another strong woman today.

    • I was thinking that perhaps I didn’t need to find purple flowers for an upcoming tablescape — I can just dye white mums through capillary action. I’m not sure what it was about your comment that reminded me of that process, but thanks for visiting, Zenda!

  4. Nicely done! I love how the pattern on the dishes stand out so nicely with the pink chargers beneath them. The stemware and your daughter’s pink collectables on the tray all tie in so nicely. I never really thought of pink as powerful but after reading your post I’ll think of it differently!

    • I gave my daughter those black and white dishes, but now that I’ve spent a few days with them and read everyone’s comments, I’m thinking I need to get some for myself!

  5. What a dramatic, lovely table!! I LOVE the black and pink color scheme, and I would love to know the plate name on those black and white dishes!! Well Done!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  6. Love this! I’d seen a TS in these colors in a thrift store awhile back and thought it would be cute for a girls night (me & my daughters, nail painting party, etc.) but haven’t done it yet. Yours is great! Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party. Hope to see you again on Tuesday. Take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  7. I love the combination of the metallic pink chargers with the cranberry glass. I had a friend who collected cranberry glass and I didn’t think there was a good way to make use of it (in fact, I never saw it outside of the display cabinet), but this is perfect!

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