Saturday Linky Love

I know — it’s Sunday, not Saturday.

We had a busy day yesterday with a funeral and some touring in an area we don’t often go to. The wind was blowing and it was a beautiful sunny day. I tried to catch the movement in these flowers.

But I’ve been saving up some fun stuff for you to look at. I’m linked up today at Vanderbilt Wife; I hope you enjoy reading these curated lists of goodies!

  1. The post most likely to make you make some changes in the way you spend your days: “How to Carve More Time Into Your Day”
  2. The post most likely to make you feel inadequate, boring and/or stupid: List of 21st Century literature written by women that you should have already read.
  3. The post most likely to make you read a book and eagerly anticipate its movie: Top 12 Fall Movies Based on Books
  4. Most ridiculous claim of the week: Prends Moi perfume will help you to lose weight. Don’t forget to click into the Enorme link. 🙂
  5. Video of the Week: Miami University (my Ohio alma mater) Men’s Glee Club performing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.
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2 thoughts on “Saturday Linky Love

  1. The women writers didn’t make me feel SO stupid – I’ve read quite a few of them, even if it was their 20th century works. I was disappointed that Lisa See and Geraldine Brooks were not on the list, though. I think they are both divine 21st century writers!

    • Totally agree about Geraldine Brooks. I was surprised at how many I have read, given that I’m not of the generation targeted, but there were a lot that I haven’t read. A good list to look at when one is ready to try something new. I was glad to see Jennifer Egan’s Goon Squad on the list.

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