How Many Degrees of Separation Are You From Me?

Last fall my nieces made this beautiful cake for my grandniece’s birthday. I was so impressed that I saved the photos for a blog post.

In my niece’s post (she writes as Vanderbilt Wife) she references her source for this gorgeous cake.

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After I saw the photos of the birthday cake for my grand-niece, I ran across this photo either on Pinterest or on a link from my Facebook page.

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Since it was so similar to the other cake, I investigated where this recipe originated. I Heart Baking’s  original post was about this gorgeous roses cake.

Image via

Lo and behold, eventually everyone referenced back to I Am Baker, who posted the tutorial on how to do the rose frosting.

Image via

She also posted a tutorial on how to do the vertical layers. Amazing.

This nest of link-ups is an example of the ethical dilemma we bloggers are presented with daily. Do you always cite your sources for both text and photos? Are you labeling your photos? If someone wants to steal your work, they will find a way, but I’d like to think that we have an obligation to each other to protect our craft.

Each of these ladies shared their talent and creativity with the world. I was happy to find that everyone involved in this degrees-of-separation scenario eventually linked back to their source. Talent, creativity, and ethics. I’m proud to be one of you.

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One thought on “How Many Degrees of Separation Are You From Me?

  1. Hello Jennie! I try to accurately source all photos that aren’t taken by me – but some are celeb photos that are hard to get back to the original source, in which case I source where I found them. As for my photos, I’m so pressed for time I don’t add my name to them – mostly I’m thinking why would anyone want to steal my photos? Maybe I would feel differently if I was making something as beautiful as the cakes above. Which, btw, you have inspired me to make one this weekend. Just because.

    xoxo Michele

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