25 Days of Christmas

Where are my Christmas mugs? I have carefully saved all of the school gifts with candy in them and snagged the leftovers that other teachers would have thrown out. I even bought a few to round out my collection. I lovingly amassed a dozen Christmas-themed mugs, not worrying about whether they are tacky or not. Aren’t Christmas-themed dishes just inherently tacky? I don’t care, though. I love the ritual of changing out my mug shelf every December.

We are UNDER CONSTRUCTION and there is no clear indicator that said construction will be done by Christmas. We are having two bathrooms remodeled at the same time, leaving us one to share. (I love my husband dearly, but it’s been many years since I had to regularly share a bathroom, and completion can’t come soon enough.) And my Christmas mugs appear to be a casualty of the packing process.

I’m so bummed. I want my coffee this morning in my mug with the angel handle. Is that asking too much?

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