Silver in the Garden and on Your Table

Our Chicago suburb has a garden walk every summer as many towns do.

We saw some beautiful flowers…

GotMyReservations Good as Gold Hybrid Tea

Good as Gold Hybrid Tea Rose

…and sat on a lovely front porch in the shade while the garden clubbers handed out cool water and cookies.

GotMyReservations Front Porch

The last stop of the tour was the boutique on the grounds of the Arlington Heights Historical Museum. I was entranced by these silver pieces. Since I have some silver teapots that have seen better days, I thought this was a fitting new use for an old favorite.

GotMyReservations Silver Teapot and Flatware Wind Chimes

And then there were the silver napkin rings made from spoons — I didn’t buy any, but really really really wanted to.

GotMyReservations Silver Spoon Napkin Rings

I have more to share from our day being voyeurs in other people’s gardens, but I’m off to our annual family reunion. My family will be arriving from Seattle in a few hours and the tablescape still needs to be finished. After all, what’s more important, a clean house or a beautiful tablescape? I’m hoping for both. 🙂

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off

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9 thoughts on “Silver in the Garden and on Your Table

  1. Those chimes are really neat!!! I love the napkin rings – unbelievable that you resisted. It looks like y’all had a fun time! 🙂

    • We always enjoy going to garden shows and house walks — there is so much creativity to see. Thanks for visiting, Kim.

    • Roses are so beautiful to photograph under the right lighting conditions — it’s like one can’t go wrong. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I know you had to have exercised tremendous restraint to not buy those napkin rings!!! How cool!!! That’s a really great way to way to recycle/upcycle old spoons!

    The chimes are gorgeous! What a great way to give new life to old silver! Those were some really neat pieces of art. I wonder how much time it took to make those? Somebody really deserves a pat on the back!

    Have a good time at the family reunion!

    • Somewhere on my desk I have the card of the people who were selling these. If I ever find it, I’ll put the link on my page. Thanks for your commenting and your friendship!

  3. Beautiful rose photo! Poking around other people’s gardens sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

    PS for some reason, my iPad was trying to autocorrect “rose” to “rosé”. Guess it thinks it’s time for wine. 😉

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