Still Living with Martha Stewart

Last night I watched the Martha Stewart biography — or unauthorized tell all?— streaming on CNN/MAX/HULU. It reminded me of why I loved Martha then and why I still admire her. Back in the day, I recorded her TV show and watched it religiously. I saved episodes until I no longer had the ability to watch them because technology moved on. I’ve hung on to one final stack of magazines long past their expiration dates and through our recent move. Her books are still in my treasured library that came with us to the condo.

As pointed out in the show, The Many Lives of Martha Stewart, she has been a pioneer in business throughout her long career. She’s also got the heart of a lion. When confronted with adversity, she just takes a deep breath and gets on with moving forward the best way she can.

I’m not sure she was like that in the beginning, but I love that now she is so totally comfortable in her shoes (Skechers and Easy Spirits, of course) that she can laugh at herself, all the while figuring out a way to make money while she laughs.

I’ve been pondering how to share my pondering, since Facebook is now determined to show me ads and a few posts from friends and family. I’ve held on to my blog for years while not writing in it very often. Perhaps an old-school medium is where this writer needs to get back to these days. I can barely remember how to use WordPress — I should probably go to the library and check out a recent copy of WordPress for Dummies. In the meantime, perhaps you will leave a note to let me know that you and I are both alive and waiting for Martha’s next act.

Treasured copies of Martha Stewart Living
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