Getting Back My Blogging Mojo and Spring in My Step

I spent the morning wandering around Pier One, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel. I figured that if anything could perk up my dormant writing mojo, it would be Easter bunnies and pastel dishes.

Click into photo for source.

Click into photo for source.

Maybe I have some sort of seasonal affective disorder. Or maybe I’m just sick of Chicago’s whiplash weather. One minute it is 60 degrees and my tulips are coming up and the next minute there’s seven inches of heavy snow to be shoveled. Welcome to winters in the Midwest, I hear you saying. Get over it.

While planning for the fun Easter parties coming up this weekend, I did perk up enough to pin a couple of recipes on my Pinterest board. It is well known that I can’t resist a pastel for Easter.


Click into photo for source and recipe.

These layered rice krispie treats look like fun. I’ve got my Peeps already, and I’ve read through the comments to be sure there’s nothing kooky about this recipe. I mean, how hard can it actually be? I will cut them into small squares for the little kids and the children at heart at our party.

Click into photo for source and recipe.

Click into photo for source and recipe.

I’m also planning to make pastel deviled eggs with matching fillings – lox with orangey-pink, basil pesto with green, classic mustard filling with yellow. You get the picture. I did this for a previous Easter and they were a huge hit as well as being quite tasty.

GotMyReservations Easter Tablescape BirdhouseSince we will be celebrating Easter with friends this year, I probably won’t haul out all the pretty Easter decorations. And then, I might. I’m a sucker for all of my collected Easter bits and bobs. I also have a very pretty new centerpiece item from an estate sale.

Last year I set the table anyway, even though we were not having our Easter dinner at home.

GotMyReservations Easter Tablescape Intro

Click into photo to see the full post.

Now that I’ve actually written this down, maybe I’m in the mood for a little décor. My daddy’s carved eggs should come out of hiding, shouldn’t they?


Click into photo to see full post.


Here’s to a lovely spring, wherever you are. I guess maybe I got a little bit of my mojo back after all!

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off P.S. I was actually in Restoration Hardware, too, but I can’t count it as spring inspiration since it’s gone all dark and twisty. There was nothing remotely Eastery there. Maybe there’s another blog post lurking with a little research into their apparent rebranding as a men’s store. Does anyone know what happened to them?

P.P.S It’s also time to change out my sidebar from winter to spring. Once again, that’s kind of hard to contemplate when one’s yard still has snow on it. Baby steps, baby steps, my friends.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Back My Blogging Mojo and Spring in My Step

  1. Glad you got your mojo back. You’ve reminded me to get out my Easter lovelies. My grandmother’s childhood glass egg always makes me smile. I totally slacked through St. Patties and St. Valentine’s this year without getting out the decor. If you are still in the moo for hunting bunnies, you might try resale shops. They are a-plenty there.

  2. OMG! The colored eggs, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and then pairing them with the insides. How neat is that? Also it snowed this morning in Boston, AGAIN.

    • The story of the eggs just gets better and better. I bought super-fresh, cage-free and antibiotic-free eggs and they wouldn’t peel. I ended up making egg salad instead. And I lived to tell about it. 🙂

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