It’s a Cow Parade

Last week’s cow photo was fun for me to share, and you liked it too.

GotMyReservations Cow 2

I’ve been learning how to shoot animals with their personality showing

Given the cow’s popularity, I’ve decided to do a series with the animals with personality I shot with my photo class. Just remember, you asked for it!

GotMyReservations Cow 3

Same cow, different mouthful

GotMyReservations Cow 1

I think this cow is questioning my motives.

These photos were taken at Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview, Illinois.

“Our 18.6 acre Historic Wagner Farm is one of the last working dairy farms in Cook County and is open to the public for recreation and learning. The farm provides a unique opportunity for families to learn about our farming heritage and experience first hand “the way things used to be.”

In addition to the cows in the pasture, Wagner Farm has chickens, draft horses, and pigs as well as a restored farmhouse and barn and the award-winning Wagner Farm Heritage Center. The Heritage Center contains interactive exhibits where you can learn about farming from the early 20th century through the present, “shop through history” at our 1930′s Grocery Store or purchase a souvenir of your visit from our Museum Store.

If your kids think that milk comes in a carton, corn comes in a can and chicken comes in a cellophane wrapped package, it’s time for a visit to Wagner Farm” (source).

GotMyReservations Historic Wagner Farm Logo

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8 thoughts on “It’s a Cow Parade

    • When we went to the farm for the photo shoot, I decided to work on closeups to get that spark in the animals’ eyes. It was fun!

    • You should have seen how many people were crowded around taking pictures of this girl. No wonder she was giving me the eye!

  1. You caught such personality in those cows! Doesn’t it make farming look fun?! Good for you for improving your photography skills. 🙂

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