Biltmore Part II: Biltmore Estate Landscaping

What pairs well with the biggest private home in the United States? Why, one’s own forest and mountain, of course.

On our visit to the Biltmore Estate we marveled at the beautiful landscape surrounding George Washington Vanderbilt’s mansion. It is even more amazing when you realize that most of this landscape was immature during Vanderbilt’s lifetime. He and his very famous landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, both died before really being able to appreciate the glory of what they designed.

GotMyReservations Biltmore View of Mt Pisgah

Biltmore Estate forests with view of Blue Ridge Mountains

When George W. Vanderbilt decided to build his home in Asheville, North Carolina, he bought up 125,000 acres of land in order to create a home and a sanctuary around it. He and his architect, Richard Morris Hunt, modeled the building after a French chateau. He liberally interpreted European garden design throughout the estate, including a formal Italian garden, a British-style deer park, and a French esplanade with a graduated stairway. He was very proud of the lush natural landscaping of the Approach road to the home and commented that Olmsted would gain lasting fame just for its beauty.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Lagoon 2

Biltmore Estate Lagoon with Biltmore House

GotMyReservations Biltmore Lagoon

Biltmore House and Lagoon

GotMyReservations Biltmore View of Blue Ridge Mountains

Biltmore House with view of Blue Ridge Mountains

GotMyReservations Biltmore View of Blue Ridge Mountains Panorama

Panorama Photo of Biltmore Estate and Blue Ridge Mountains

GotMyReservations Biltmore Pergola

Biltmore House from garden with wisteria pergola

GotMyReservations Biltmore Pergola Wisteria

Mature wisteria vines envelop support beams on the pergola

GotMyReservations Biltmore Library Terrace and Statue

Biltmore House and Library Terrace with statue

GotMyReservations Biltmore Italian Garden

Biltmore Estate Italian Garden

GotMyReservations Biltmore Esplanade and Ramp Douce

Biltmore Estate Esplanade and Ramp Douce

GotMyReservations Biltmore Turtle Fountain

Biltmore Estate turtle fountain on Ramp Douce

GotMyReservations Biltmore Diana Statue

Biltmore Estate Diana statue on Esplanade

GotMyReservations Biltmore Log Fence

Even the small details are maintained on the Biltmore Estate, such as this woven log fence.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Conservatory

The grounds include a walled garden with a conservatory.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Walled Garden Pergola

An intricate arbor supports grape vines

GotMyReservations Biltmore Walled Garden

The grape arbor also supports climbers such as clematis.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Rose Closeup

The walled garden’s roses were blooming profusely during our visit.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Conservatory Potting Room

The original potting room is still in use in the conservatory.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Greenhouse

Time for a selfie in one of the conservatory displays.

GotMyReservations Biltmore Statue on Terrace

The statue on the terrace waves goodbye.

Even though most of us don’t own thousands of acres of land with forests and mountains, it’s our own labor of love to caretake our properties. I hope you enjoyed your armchair trip through the Biltmore Estate and will join me for more trips to Biltmore in upcoming posts. If you missed it, you can read about dishes at Biltmore here.

Thanks to longtime friend and travel partner Kathy for some of these photos. You can read about her trip to Italy here.












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3 thoughts on “Biltmore Part II: Biltmore Estate Landscaping

  1. I just can’t even believe the majesty of that wisteria-covered pergola, the log fence (SO unique!), and arbor with all the grape vines!!! Oh, my goodness, what a glorious spot! And I love the pots on that door in front of the potting room!!! What a unique and striking display! Can you just imagine having this kind of money to have these grounds to call your own??!??!

    As for your “selfie”…..cover thyself, woman! šŸ™‚

  2. I absolutely love Biltmore! Thank you for posting these pictures – wonderful reminders and a few new things I haven’t seen. I love the turtle fountain. šŸ™‚ The estate is the most perfect setting among the beautiful rolling hills. That area of the country is gorgeous (as are others), and Biltmore was wise to choose the location. That selfie shot at the end with the mirrored door planter gives me many sparks of inspiration for garden planters! Thanks, Jennie!

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