Flower Stories: Iris and Peonies

A while back, I told you the story of my neighbor’s beautiful Bridal Veil Spirea.

GotMyReservations Bridal Veil Spirea 1

That was then…

I’ve also told you about how Oksana’s beautiful garden has been plundered and pretty much ruined by the flippers who are renovating her house.

GotMyReservations Bridal Veil Spirea

This is now — a desecration of a beautiful shrub.

The good news is that like all shrubs, this one will come back next year if no one disturbs it. Let’s hope my new neighbors — if we ever have new neighbors — will understand something about pruning shrubs and let it be.

GotMyReservations Peony

These peonies were here when we moved into our house, but they remind me of my father’s vast peony collection.

Meanwhile, after a long day in the garden and a good rain to soak into the roots of all the new shrubs we planted, I was very afraid that my gorgeous flowers would be ruined this morning. I rushed outside with my camera to catch the raindrops on the petals, if there were any petals left.

GotMyReservations Yellow Iris

I’ve been waiting for these iris to bloom for two years since they were transplanted from a friend’s garden. They do not have the brown markings that hers had, though, which was disappointing. Why does that happen?

I’m looking for a new point-and-shoot camera because my almost four-year-old Sony Cybershot just doesn’t do it for me anymore. That’s the dilemma of taking camera classes; I have much higher expectations for both myself and my camera. The good news is that the camera innards are actually better than the digital viewing screen and these came out much better than I expected. The bad news is that they are just not as crisply focused as I have come to love when using my DSLR.

Any recommendations for a new point-and-shoot for travel and living in my purse? After all, they say that the best camera is the one that is with you.

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5 thoughts on “Flower Stories: Iris and Peonies

  1. What gorgeous flowers, Jennie! I wish I could help you with the camera recommendation. I take all my “point and shoot” pics while away from home with my phone. The Galaxy SIII takes very good pictures, assuming you can hold it very still. 😉 The good thing is they are huge pictures, pixel-wise, so they are easy to crop and with fairly good quality. Sometimes picmonkey has to help a little bit. Oh, and I wonder if your iris will have the brown markings after aging a little longer.

  2. I just love when you blog about Oksana. I do hope your new neighbor revives Oksana’s lovely spirea. Your iris is beautiful, even without the brown marking. The picture of the peonies looks so fresh with the rain clinging to the petals.

    I would like to know about a good point and shoot camera too. I really do not like digital cameras.

  3. I know soil conditions can affect the color of hydrangeas, maybe that’s affecting your iris? My point and shoot is a Nikon CoolPix, though several years old, I like it pretty well. Just got a Canon T3i which I think is what you have for DSLR, love it!

  4. I thought the same thing Dawn suggested regarding the iris color. Maybe it has something to do with the pH level of the soil or something like that. I’m not much of a gardener (except in my own warped mind, and even then it’s an iffy situation!), so that may not be it at all.

    I don’t know a lot about cameras, either. I know that if I ever get around to taking a camera class like I’ve been intending, I’m going to be dangerous! I love taking pictures so much. When Ramon bought me my Nikon Coolpix last year, I just went crazy with the newfound crispness of the photos compared to my little Canon A400. I hope you’re able to find something you really like.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Jennie!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Alycia. I bought a little Nikon Coolpix yesterday to see how it does on my upcoming vacation.

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