Easter Traditions

Every family has its special holiday rituals and Easter is no exception.

Growing up, my mother always made us a lambie cake for Easter. My brother has her mold and continues the tradition. It HAS to have jelly beans for its eyes and nose and I love seeing that my brother makes the lamb cake to honor and remember her.

GotMyReservations Lambie Cake

Today I encountered another family tradition with another family.

GotMyReservations Black Sheep Cake

The black sheep — instead of the pure white lamb — sang a beautiful pascal song to me. Easter is a time of celebrating all humanity, not just the pure and obedient among us. Jesus’s resurrection brings us a new beginning and a washing clean of our prejudices and bad habits.

Happy Easter, and may you have a blessed and inclusive day.

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2 thoughts on “Easter Traditions

  1. Happy Easter, Jennie! It’s heartwarming to know that your brother would keep up a tradition that is so near and dear to your hearts. I love good family traditions like this! Have a good one!!!

  2. I was wishing I still had my lamb cake mold this past week. I agree with you and your brother on the jelly bean eyes – a definite must have!

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