A Global Vignette

One of the things we said when we married thirty one years ago was that we would never live in a split-level house in the suburbs. Well, guess what? We were wrong. When the time came to buy our empty nester house, a split level offered us the most bedrooms and baths, along with flexible living spaces that would suit our musical lifestyle. The problem is that although we have lots of spaces, every space in the house is a little small — and that includes our entry hall.

GotMyReservations Global Vignette 1

This is the after photo. I don’t have any good before photos.

The entry hall holds both the guest coat closet and our bar area when we have parties. The good thing about having a split level is that we also have a side entrance off the driveway and guests spill into our kitchen. In the long range of things, that’s a little problematic, but the reality is that it keeps the entry hall open for people hanging about at the bar. 🙂

GotMyReservations Global Vignette 2

You may remember that I posted about being vignette-challenged, but I was determined to break out of that mold. When I saw this mirror from India at Cost Plus World Market on sale, I knew that I was going to buy it. It’s a good thing I did, because they are all sold out now. In my old decor, the mirror I had was too small and needed to be hung too high above the sideboard for anyone to see themselves in it. The new mirror was the perfect size and would make a statement when paired with the geometric Turkish rug that a friend brought back for us and the Asian-inspired sideboard that I bought at a resale shop.

GotMyReservations Global Vignette 3

I have also been struggling with the lamp that I use for the sideboard. It needs to be tall enough to not get in the way when the sideboard is being used as a bar, but it also needed a smaller lampshade than the one I had. I found an oval shade at Target that works perfectly. A good score, but I wish it had been on sale. It’s hard to tell in this photo that it’s actually pretty flat and doesn’t take up much room.

GotMyReservations Global Vignette 3

I decided to create a vignette using the global theme already established by the three pieces. In the middle of the night, I remembered that I had a globe cookie jar in my stash that also had bright colors, and the next morning I pulled it out. Perfect! I had forgotten that it was vintage McCoy, but it has a broken wing and the paint is quite worn.

GotMyReservations Global Vignette McCoy Globe Cookie Jar


GotMyReservations Global Vignette McCoy Globe Cookie Jar 2


GotMyReservations Global Vignette McCoy Globe Cookie Jar Hallmark

What else goes with travel? Travel books, of course. I took the tour of The Nester’s Pinterest board of inspirational table vignettes, and realized that I had the makings of an interesting stack of books to help with the levels of my vignette. I use post-it notes to mark interesting pages, and they are all still there.GotMyReservations Global Vignette Book Stack

Then I discovered that my very tall amaryllis stalk had broken overnight because it was laden with four heavy blossoms. What’s a girl to do? Put it in a vase. I pulled out the cranberry glass decanter that everyone loves, put the amaryllis blooms in it and boom! — I had a balanced vignette.

GotMyReservations Global Vignette Book Stack


GotMyReservations Global Vignette Amaryllis 3

Since I’m pretty much addicted to keeping it real, I also included the reality of our hall entry table. It ALWAYS has mail on it, unless I’ve cleared it off to set up the bar. The basket is perfect for holding the mail at bay, and for this photo shoot, I just left the mail in it. I’m sure you have a similar place in your house for mail. 🙂

This successful remix of my hall is why I love blogging and I love the Internet. With a little bit of research, some careful shopping, and a scramble through one’s cupboards, even a vignette-challenged home decorator can come up with something striking. I am a very happy camper.

If only it would stop snowing.

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Got my bags, got my reservations,
Spent each dime I could afford.
Like a child in wild anticipation,
I long to hear that, “All aboard!”

Music and lyrics by Bud Green, Les Brown and Ben Homer (1944)



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10 thoughts on “A Global Vignette

  1. This definitely does NOT look vignette-challenged to me! You have broken through the glass ceiling!!! Hooray!

    We, too, have a relatively small foyer that presents a challenge when it comes to decorating. Adding a mirror is always a great idea for doubling the light. The mirror you chose is spectacular! As much as you enjoy traveling, you could not have made a better choice for a theme.

    Have a beautiful weekend! Great job!!!

  2. Jennie, this vignette looks wonderful! What a treasure that cookie jar is! I enjoyed reading how this all came together, and that mirror IS stunning!

  3. That looks great! You came up with some nice ideas to create the travel theme. The world globe and books really make it happen! The mirror was a great choice and yes I have a basket for my mail and stuff that gathers on my counter near the back entryway. I’m curious about the amaryllis- how well does/did it hold up after you put it in water. I’ve never tried that. I have a large pot with 3 ready to bloom.

  4. Beautiful vignette, your mirror is breathtaking and you have the perfect spot for it. You are officially no longer challenged. Have a great weekend.

  5. You get double-duty from the amaryllis in the mirror!! I’m so glad you found the cookie jar – perfect! Aren’t lamp shades the hardest thing to find when you have an existing lamp to fit? You did find the one that fit the bill, for sure. It’s all beautiful, interesting, and best of all useful. Thanks for keeping it real with the mail basket. Love it!

  6. I think we can officially say you’ve conquered your vingnette-challengedness! This is great, and inspiring me to get busy, I’ve been wanting to make over my small entryway, too. That McCoy globe is an amazine find, by the way. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week Jennie! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  7. I love the mystery of far away places. The Indian mirror poised above your Asian sideboard invokes images of traveling to the far east and buying up these beautiful treasures and having them shipped home to relish. The Turkish rug is a perfect base to complete the stage for your vignette. The globe, the books, and even the amaryllis’ combine to invoke an image of far away places. Beautifully staged and beautifully executed vignette. Now if you can teach me how to create a vignette I would be eternally grateful…..


  8. I agree with Alycia, definitely does not look vignette challenged…..looks absolutely stunning! You have done an awesome job and that mirror from India is sooooo gorgeous, makes a beautiful statement in your entryway! The white amaryllis looks very pretty in your vignette and I love how you added color, texture and height in your beautiful vignette! Well done! Hugs, Poppy

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