A Bloody Season: Books on My List

A friend faithfully reads The New York Times and brings me clippings with tidbits he thinks I might like.

When he read Charles McGrath’s review of Hilary Mantel’s new book about Anne Boleyn, he knew I’d be hooked. I’ve put both books on my queue at the library.

I just finished Carolly Erickson’s The Favored Queen which visualizes Anne Boleyn’s fall through the eyes of her maid of honor, Jane Seymour, who eventually replaced her as Henry VIII’s wife. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the book, but it was an interesting perspective — and not a flattering look at the doomed Anne. As far as Erickson’s work on the Tudors, I think I’m done with her.

Since I’m retiring in eight days, I also will have time to watch more movies. In looking for a photo of Anne, I came upon pictures of Genevieve Bujold as Anne in Anne of a Thousand Days.That’s a movie I want to find, as well as watching all the seasons of The Tudors again.

That puts a thought in my head… how many movies are there in the Henry VIII canon? Do you have a suggestion for me? Or books — there’s bound to be one I haven’t read yet. Feed me, Seymour, with Tudor trash!

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5 thoughts on “A Bloody Season: Books on My List

  1. I’m not impressed with Carolly Erickson’s work, either. Have you read any of Alison Weir’s historical fiction? I read one on Lady Jane Grey that I really liked, and one on young Elizabeth that had a dubious premise but was fairly well written. I’m currently reading a book by Margaret George about Elizabeth’s later years as queen (from 1588 on). I loved “Wolf Hall” and am a library waiting list for “Bring Up the Bodies.” For movies — the only thing that comes to mind right now is “A Man for All Seasons” (which I’m sure you’ve seen).

    • I’m on the wait list for both books, and yes, I’ve read both Alison Weir and Margaret George. I’m thinking that it would be a fun exercise to see how many of the Anne Boleyn/Tudor books I’ve actually read. A Man for All Seasons is also on my summer list, but there’s a lot of Provencal lit to be reading as well!

  2. I’ve got Wolf Hall sitting on my kindle waiting to be read. I may wait until the third novel in the series is published, but I may bump it up if the second novel keeps getting reviews as great as it has been.

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