Food Cult: Sweet Home, Chicago

It’s plastered all over my media; it’s on my lips pretty much constantly. We’re going back to France next spring and I can barely contain my excitement and anticipation of a very good time.

Every chance I get, I’m looking for French inspiration around me in my suburban Chicago “real life.” While friends were visiting last month, we discovered a new-to-us French restaurant one of Chicago’s trendy downtown neighborhoods. Kiki’s Bistro was fabulous.

The Thursday special was bouillabaisse…

And the salads were fresh and also creative…

From the minute we walked in, dressed in our mixed bag of work and tourist clothes, we were treated as friends. Kiki helped us choose wines, and our waitstaff could not have been friendlier or more knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience; put Kiki’s Bistro on your bucket list for your next Chicago visit.

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4 thoughts on “Food Cult: Sweet Home, Chicago

  1. I went to the Farmer’s Market in Arlington Heights last summer, and at one stall there was a really delightful French nun selling delicious baked goods. I bought a delicious fruit tarte and some kind of bread. I loved that little taste of France in an unexpected spot!

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