American Idol 2012: First Thoughts

I think we are in for a treat this year. The competition among the remaining contestants is going to be fierce. I still love the dynamics of the judging team and we’ve already seen the star power that Idol is pulling in this year.

The contestant that intrigues me the most is Jessica Sanchez. We see her in the candids and she’s a little girl. Her smile has teenager teeth that don’t quite fit her mouth and she shows her insecurity in the grateful response to praise that comes with being sixteen.

Then Jessica steps in front of a microphone and she turns into another person. She’s bold, sensual, and mature. She’s amazing.

SPOILER ALERT. Stop here if you don’t know who went home on Thursday, 3/29.

Watching the kids move into the Idol Mansion was kind of heart-wrenching, knowing that one of them would have to move out right away.

And now that Heejun has finally gone back to oblivion (or the comedy clubs) where he belongs, I can stop gritting my teeth over his awkward arrogance and Asian humility. It was an interesting combo, but I’m tired of it already. I’m ready to hear some more Colton, Phillip, Elise, Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica.

I can probably do without much more of DeAndre and Skylar; I feel that they both need some more seasoning and paying their dues in their local clubs. Skylar needs to take Jimmy’s advice and sing songs that show off her voice rather than choosing songs she likes. DeAndre needs to sing in his big boy voice; I’m done with his all-falsetto all-the-time thing.That being said, they are both very talented and could easily win it all. It all depends on how the votes fall.

It’s going to be an interesting season.

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