Losing It: Is it week 6 already?

I didn’t lose it. I’m going up and down around the same number. I should have lost 12 pounds by now and I haven’t.

Yet, I’m encouraged. I haven’t been really this aware of what I’m eating (and drinking) for a long, long time. And I know I have been moderating my choices. I’ve started exercising more. I’ve also gone through my wardrobe and have started shortening all of my too-long granny fat dresses and skirts. Stacy and Clinton are right about showing some leg, even at my “advanced” age.

I watched What Not to Wear on Friday and kind of sympathized with that girl. I don’t wear crazy goth clothes, but I do wear sparkly ones. I sometimes marvel at how Stacy and Clinton can throw out a whole lifetime of clothing connections for people and not expect them to get emotional over their loss. And then, they sometimes replace the discards with new clothes that are amazingly similar. For example, I thought that the girl’s black dresses could have been altered to fit her new body, since they then let her buy new black dresses. That being said, I do think that What Not to Wear is a must watch for anyone with body image issues. Really, there are clothes out there for all of us and Stacey and Clinton show that to us every week.

Back to losing it. I have renewed energy and a new Easter spirit. See you next week.

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2 thoughts on “Losing It: Is it week 6 already?

  1. I hear you about flirting or is it flitting around the same number?! I think you might be right about you and I being sisters separated at birth since I am a What Not To Wear fan too. I didn’t see the latest episode yet can almost always take away something from the show. (Except for the shows that have very skinny women on them! lol)

    Happy Easter to you and here’s to a better, fitter week!

  2. I, too, agree about Stacy and Clinton’s somewhat heartless attitude about their participants’ existing items of clothing. I don’t watch WNTW on a regular basis, but I’ve seen it enough times to recognize exactly what you are talking about. I sometimes wonder if it’s just a “show” they put on while the cameras are rolling. Meanwhile, perhaps the people are given some sort of storage option for their old clothes. If someone really does not want to get rid of a piece of clothing, they can’t be forced to do it, can they? I also agree that not all items in a person’s closet are junk; some tailoring can do wonders for a basic black dress in lieu of spending $500 on a brand new one (like they often do on that show). I’ve been purging my closet as of late. I’m currently in maternity clothes, but I’ve been evaluating my closet space and I realize that there are items that are 4-8 years old and that have not been worn for the past 2-3 seasons. I’ve been trying to ask myself, “Am I really going to wear this once I can fit into it again?” Often, I hesitate and cannot answer myself immediately. At that point, I give myself about 5 minutes to think about it, then either put it in the donation bag or give it one more chance. I’m at that transition point where I’m getting rid of clothes that I wore in my mid-twenties because my body has changed from motherhood. My lifestyle does not require “going out to the bars clothes” anymore. Nor does it require “work” clothes anymore, and by the time I go back to work, at least five more years will pass, at which time I will probably want new options anyway. Sorry for the rambling message, but good topic of discussion Jennie!

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