Has It Really Been Three Years?

We are playing Christmas Vacation in the Community Band that I am a part of, and I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit early this year. Not sure why, but sometime you just “need a little Christmas. Right this very minute.”

I decided that I needed to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to see where the theme song connects — and it’s right at the very beginning, running during the credits.

I had forgotten the undercurrents of this movie; the nostalgia Grant feels about his family Christmases, the difficult relationships with his parents, siblings, and in-laws are so very real. Maybe you need to be a grown-up to really get this movie.

The next door neighbors, with a young Julia Louis-Dreyfus, are perfect foils for Chevy Chase’s Christmas idyll.

I’m not sure why I need a little Christmas, but it’s not too late to start watching holiday movies. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s a universality in the themes.

After three years of silence, I’m feeling the need to share my thoughts. I remember when my father discovered email as a vehicle for delivering his treatises on his theology. Now that I’m at the age that my father was when he discovered social media, there’s a certain connection that I wish I could share with my dad. I might need to talk about theology, but it’s more likely that I’m going to journal my thoughts. And musical theatre and movies, which are the song tracks of my life.

Hopefully you’ll join me.

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News from our shelter

Palm Sunday paper frond and The Scream (from a neighborhood scavenger hunt) sit side by side on the dining room window.

Wow. A lot has changed since I last opened my blog and thought about writing.

We are putting messages in our windows for our neighbors since we can’t actually talk to them.

We’ve gone from boots weather to spring but I am not worried. There will be boots weather again. So disappointing, but it is Chicago. We are known for our many seasons: boots weather and construction weather.

As retirees together with two years of experience under our belts, we generally have this “home alone together” thing pretty down pat. We each wake up at different times, make our own breakfasts and coffee, and settle in to our tasks for the day. We meet up for meals and some shared media time. It works for us and we are pretty happy campers.

Walking at the empty golf course saves our sanity. We don’t care if we look funny.

Nothing much is new in the quarantined life. Except that we can’t go to the gym, band, church, book club, the botanic garden, restaurants, parties, work at the homeless shelter at our church, or basically do the things that create sparks in our retirement lives. We get out occasionally to walk and have graduated from our bandanna masks to actual tailored masks made by a crafty friend.

You are all in the same boat with us, those of you who follow me from around the world and from here in Illinois. I keep looking for the silver lining in all of this, and I can see a few glimmers of hope.

When Music Man retired, he said that he had a series of projects to do that would likely take years. In year three, he’s working on financial records. His shelter-in-place project is a continuation of what he was doing before, but now he’s got even more time. Lots and lots of time to go through our old tax records and throw stuff out. Lots and lots of recycled paper and bags of shredded paper. And we don’t intend to take this stuff to the condo or retirement home, whichever comes first.

Potato Pancakes from the Village Grill

I’ve been cooking up a storm, as many of us are, and my Google calendar is now full of saved recipe links. It turns out to actually be a good way to save recipes — the Google calendar is searchable and I put the link in the Notes section. Pretty slick and easy to go back and find a recipe. We are also trying to support local restaurants by ordering meals several times a week. Posting the photos on the restaurants’ Facebook pages keeps me improving my photography skills as well.

We’ve learned a new skill — videoconferencing on Zoom. It’s how we are doing church these days, but I’m a little concerned about its privacy problems. There’s Skype, Messenger chat, WhatsApp chat, and good ole FaceTime on our phones. A plethora of ways to reach out and virtually touch our family and friends.

So that’s what’s happening here, friends. Pretty much the same thing that’s happening across the world. We are in this together, and together we can save lives if we take it seriously. Tell me what’s going on with you in the comments.

I’ve been missing you.

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Sunrise Memories

This morning I ran through my memories on Facebook and it was a sunrise moment, shedding light on months and months of writer’s block. It caused me to open up my long-silent blog and reach out to my friends. At least I hope we still are friends after all this time.

This was taken in Siena, Italy, as I threw open my huge hotel room windows with a morning view over the Tuscan countryside.


November 4, 2013 at 2:28 PM

Pre-certified hospital and rehab with both insurance companies. Borrowed wheelchair, shower chair, grabber, the mother of all shoehorns, and sock helper from the Arlington Heights Senior Center Lending Closet. I think it’s real now.

It’s been six years since I had my total knee replacement. Three more knee and foot surgeries later, I’m still not fabulously happy with the outcome of my TKR, but I know that the stability of my bionic knee is better than that of the one I haven’t had done yet. I’ve been hearing about huge progress being made in stem cell regrowth of your own meniscus, but my forays into stem cell therapy have had minimal positive results. So I continue to put up with occasional pain in my left knee and a lot of stiffness in my right knee. I’m linking here the recent information I’ve found out that I should have known six years ago. Maybe it will help some of you to avoid what happened to me.


“We came to a consensus that contemporary literature supported the following definition of acquired idiopathic stiffness: a range of motion of less than 90 degrees persisting for greater 12 weeks in patients without complicating factors. Moreover, we found the prevalence to be 4% after primary total knee arthroplasty, with females and obese patient being at increased risk.”

Idiopathic Stiffness After TKA: Is This a Thing?

“We found that patients who received warfarin, direct Xa inhibitors, or fondaparinux after TKA were at significantly higher risk of undergoing manipulation under anesthesia for postoperative knee stiffness in comparison to patients who received low molecular weight heparin. In addition, there was no significantly increased risk of MUA in patients who received aspirin postoperatively.”
I am the walking poster child for arthrofibrosis — my initial treatment was inappropriate, my follow-up care has been exactly as this article suggests with hundreds of visits for physical therapy as well as a manipulation, including last summer’s arthrolysis of adhesions.



Despite the studies showing otherwise, I was one of the people who should have had a CPM machine. My doctor refused to give me one, even though I begged. https://www.verywellhealth.com/do-i-need-a-cpm-following-knee-surgery-2548662  


“Your surgeon may prescribe a CPM machine while you’re lying in bed and recovering from surgery. Your surgeon or physical therapist may also provide exercises designed to reduce the risk of developing arthrofibrosis. Using the following may reduce the odds of experiencing arthrofibrosis:
  • a compression dressing
  • cryotherapy, or the application of extreme cold
  • a suction drain”


Bottom line — I’ve been lucky that I live in a place where I have options for doctors, hospitals, and physical therapists. My last six years have been full of travel to wonderful places such as Tuscany, and I’ve tried not to let my pesky knees limit me too much. It’s been one of those lifetime experiences that gives one empathy for others and builds fortitude for the years ahead.

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Finding My Voice – AGAIN

This week, I got an email and blog post from a blogger that I haven’t heard from for three years. She told a story that resonated with me; she got sick of worrying about SEO and sponsors and monetizing her blog and just stopped writing. She went so far as to say that she didn’t really care if anyone read her blog, since she was mostly doing the writing as a way to collect recipes for herself.

Interesting. There are other ways to collect recipes, but I sure could empathize with her decision to stop worrying about making her blog make money and just use it as a sounding board. That’s mostly what I have been doing all along.

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything meaningful, and today may not add to the gems I have written. Yet, I feel the urge to get it down on paper and out there…

As I do every year, I am prepping our house for a visit from our relatives. Almost every year for the last thirty-six years, Music Man’s family has flown in from the West Coast, stayed at our house for a couple of nights, and then we have driven 200 miles together to go to our family reunion. Every year I say I’m going to start the prepping and fluffing earlier, and every year things get in the way. I love having them visit, let’s be clear about that, but unfortunately due to my poor planning, now I have about 72 hours to get everything ready for house guests.

But what got in the way today, you are probably asking? Let me count the ways…

  1. Catching the award travel plane reservations on the first day I could buy tickets for our trip to France; that took a few hours, but is oh-so satisfying to use points to get to Europe and far more important than cleaning.
  2. Cleaning out my guest bathroom, which ended up including sorting medicines and pitching expired stuff. That led to cleaning out the back-storage closet where we keep medicines and supplies. You know, like the FOUR heating pads we have collected along the way. I’m trying to figure out how anyone could need four heating pads, but we are certainly prepared for any such emergency.
  3. Cleaning out my shoe rack, because of course I am a professional at buying (and returning) travel shoes from Amazon in the attempt to find the perfect shoe that can be worn with both trousers and dresses. I know there is such an animal, but I can’t get it in the size I need. Since I was already cleaning my shoe rack, then I had to go through the boxes full of orthotics and inserts that I have collected to keep my sad sore feet a little less sad and sore. Once again, I haven’t found the perfect match between my feet and my orthotics. But I have enough of them to outfit an army, it seems.

So now, I’m tired and ready to sit down with some juice derived from grapes and watch some British television. But I still have to put those orthotics away and clean off my bed before I can lay me down to sleep. And then I felt the need to write, so here you are. In the immortal words of Julie Powell, in Julie and Julia, is there anybody out there? I feel you…

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Photography Challenge Week 2: Straight Out of the Camera

I’m running a little behind on my posting, but I have a really good reason. Just in case you have forgotten or didn’t know, I live in a Chicago suburb. And, as Januarys are wont to be, it’s pretty cold here. AND — my furnace went out last week. More on that later, but today’s post is all about Photography Challenge Week 2: Straight Out of the Camera.

This week’s challenge as described by the Dogwood administrators:

WEEK 2 Technical: SOOC Straight out of the Camera. No Photoshop. Shoot a compelling image and post it without edits. No cheating! (Be sure and save the image file for the end of the challenge!)

I took these photos with the challenge in mind, trying to get the best light I could and to crop in my camera rather than in post-processing. All of them would improve with some processing, so I look forward to touching them up later in the year. I’m not really a big processor, but I do improve lighting, color, and almost always do some cropping on my photos.

Tiny Tavern table flowers Navy Pier

Taken at our table at the Tiny Tavern on Navy Pier in Chicago, this photo does a decent job of following the rule of thirds. It’s the best of the four I took.

Quilting tools

I’m part of a crafting group at our church and I loved the POV on this photo of the quilt patch and the quilter’s tools.

Crochet project

The craftwoman’s hands as she starts a new crochet project.

Next up on the photography challenge:

WEEK 3 Artistic: Land Your inspiration this week is land. This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way.

Link up your photos in the comments or on my Facebook page if you want to participate with me. I’m always looking for constructive criticism and I know you will be kind.

As far as the furnace story goes, it took us three visits by the repair tech and two replacement parts to figure out what was wrong with our furnace. We were early adopters of a high-effeciency heating system and over the years our furnace has saved us a lot of money in gas bills. Since we sign up for a service contract every year, we have also received both warrantied parts plus labor and discounted replacements over the years. This time was a doozy — with our tech finally figuring out that we still had a first-generation electronics board when most of them have been replaced over the years because they failed. Carrier is now on the fifth-generation board for this furnace — versions one, two, three, and four were all faulty in some way or another. The tech never thought to even check the serial number on our board because he just assumed it had been replaced long ago. The board was unable to talk to our fancy thermostat and eventually just gave up in disgust and shut down the furnace. Obviously it was a relief to get it fixed, and then today, our tech came back again for our maintenance check and to fix our humidifier, which was also not working. I have asked multiple times if I should just replace our aging furnace, and our guys keep saying no.

I’d say that I’m assuming they know what they are talking about, but my experience this week tells me that assuming makes… wait for it… an A** out of U & Me. 🙂

Did you watch the first episode of the new PBS series about Queen Victoria? It looks good so far, and sent me and my friends to the internet to look up all those tangled family trees that got her on the throne.

Have a wonderful week!

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Water Lilies Part Deux

Since I shared the beautiful and intricate lily pads this week, I thought I should also share some photos I took earlier this summer of the blossoms.

DSCN9656 DSCN9658 DSCN9659


It has been a fun summer for glorious flowers. I’ve enjoyed my walks at the Chicago Botanic Gardens; it’s good for my body and good for my soul.

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Favorites of the Week

I’m back again with a bunch of totally disconnected bits and pieces that piqued my interest this week. I hope you have as much fun as I did!

Home decor
  • While looking for wire plate stands that hold more than one plate, I discovered this gorgeous plate holder at Bed Bath and Beyond. I don’t need it, but it’s beautiful and someone among my French decor friends must have to have it to complete her look!

Click into photo for source.

Click into photo for source.

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Tomato Season Begins

My daughter knows me pretty darn well. When she went to Rome on vacation, she brought me a beautiful tea towel to be used for staging still life food and tableware photos.

GotMyReservations Roma Tomatoes

When I saw my first ripe Italian plum tomatoes on the vine, I knew just how to use her beautiful gift.

Now I have to figure out what to do with those heirloom purple cherry tomatoes that are almost ready!

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Fairy Garden Frenzy

What’s the big deal with people making fairy gardens?

I’ve had conversations recently with two sensible friends who are creating little villages purportedly for their grandkids. I’m not so sure, given all the hype I’ve seen in gardening stores recently. It’s not little kids who buy this stuff. Continue reading

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