Leap Day — An Opportunity to Reflect and Renew

Leap Day - February 29th

Leap Day - February 29th (Photo credit: Cameron Maddux)

It’s Leap Day, a day that only occurs once every four years. In addition to being an indicator of the ridiculousness of our calendar, it also seems a good time to take stock of the cycles of our lives.

Where was I four years ago?

I had good relationships with my husband and adult children.

I was at the same job.

I weighed about the same.

I lived in the same house.

I went to the same church.

I had mostly the same friends.

Come to think of it, I had pretty much the same wonderful life that I have now.

With the exception of  the issues with “stuff” management and my constant battle with weight, I’m pretty happy with my life. And then there’s the problem with being a teacher in this crazy world-turned-upside-down-hate-the-teachers environment, but that will pass.

And how is my world different?

We lost four parents and that’s a pothole I can’t fix come spring.

I’ve been to England three times and France once in the last four years. I’ve been waiting my whole life for my shot at Europe.

I am truly leaps and bounds beyond where I was in social media four years ago. And technology — how did I ever live without my smart phone?

The older we get the better we are — isn’t that conventional wisdom?

Despite the outward appearance of a static life, in reality I’m a changed person. I hope 2016 finds me even healthier, wiser, and is it too much to ask to also be wealthier? And by that I mean real money — dollars — dinero — Euros. I’ll take it all.

The End. Happy Leap Day to you! I hope that Google doesn’t arrest me for copyright infringement, but I’m not selling anything and it was just so darn cute.

Image credit: Google

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