Pretty in Pink Tablescape

big-pink-wedding-dress-designs-for-girlsWhat is it about the color pink that make girls’ hearts go pitty-pat?

Pink wedding dresses, pink shoes, pink handbags, pink upholstery — it’s all about pink for little girls and grown women. There’s the pink aisle at the toy store filled with Barbie and her accessories — and remember when our craft stores were replacing Christmas merchandise with pink and red Valentine’s Day stuff long before December 25?

Pink isn’t all about being sweet and girly. It’s the symbol of strength and fortitude when applied to fighting breast cancer. I remember the first pink suit I bought when I felt I was sufficiently established in my career to get away with wearing pink — and I never went back. In fact, I’m just about to add a new pink blazer to my wardrobe in an unstructured knit to match my new more casual lifestyle — a lifestyle in which my inspiration word is STRONG. Continue reading

Things I Love: The Small Blessings in Life

This Valentine’s Day, I’m finding myself thinking of the things I love that aren’t quite so obvious as my beloved husband and my own dear adult kids.

I love these kids. No, they aren’t my grandchildren; they’re the children of my dear friends. Even on a very bad day, they can beguile me out of my crabbiness.

And then there’s other spiffiness, like the new hand dryers we got at school in the student bathrooms. Last fall, the bathrooms were all remodeled and made accessible, but “somebody” bought stupid cheap hand dryers that didn’t do their job. As we have been having very cold, snowy weather this winter, it was discouraging to leave the bathroom with wet hands. On Monday when we returned to work, it was a thrill — albeit cheap — to watch my skin crawl as these powerful dryers did their work.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I admit to being in love with these kids and dry hands. It could be worse…

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