Hello again

I know. It’s been forever.

Playing with light

Playing with light

I’ve had lots of health struggles over the last months, but I’ve decided to ignore them.


I’m trying to be more consistent with my photography, so at least for now, I’ll be sharing photos and talking about what’s going on in life.


You are worth every minute I spend with you; I really value your kindness and caring persistence in staying with me.


This week’s job is to figure out how to post to the blog from my iPad. I know; it’s probably really easy.

All photos styled by Janet McCarthy from displays at her shop, Lucky Junk in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off

Vintage Pottery Floral Casserole

Usually I open my blog posts with a family story, but I’ve got nothing this week. This piece of vintage pottery isn’t even mine. Do you see the tears rolling down my sad face?

GotMyReservations Vintage CasseroleMy favorite local antique shop is special — it’s kind of cross between a thrift shop and a high-end decor shop. Janet at Lucky Junk specializes in found items and French Country decor and mixes them together in a funky design style. Her vignettes in the store are gorgeous and always thought-provoking. I’m sure you know that “I can do that!” moment.

GotMyReservations Vintage Casserole 2

Lucky Junk is open twice a month, usually on the second and fourth weekends. Janet posts the schedule on the shop’s web site and Facebook page. She also sells Vintage Market goods including chalk paint and wax. I took a class there this spring.

GotMyReservations Lucky Junk Painting WorkshopWhen I saw this beautiful casserole in a Lucky Junk cupboard, I knew I had to feature it. It’s just gorgeous! It would be really fun to build a tablescape around its bright but slightly aged colors.

GotMyReservations Vintage Casserole 3

The casserole is marked Japan on the bottom but doesn’t have any manufacturer’s mark. It was quite reasonably priced if you can’t live without it.

I’m linked up this week with Dawn at We Call It Junkin’ and Christine at Rustic and Refined. Be sure to stop by and say hello — and “like” their Facebook pages as well as Lucky Junk’s page.

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off

Chalking It Up

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve recently discovered the joy of chalk paint.

GotMyReservations Lucky Junk Painting Workshop

I’ve been reading people’s DIY posts about using chalk paint and I was intrigued, but never quite enough to try it myself. Then I went to a workshop at a local shop called Lucky Junk, where I took a class with Janet (the owner) and Anne (from White Lace Cottage). Eight of us learned how to use Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint. We tried out our techniques on old frames and it was a lot of fun. Here’s the link if you are in the Chicagoland area and want to come to Arlington Heights for a class.

GotMy Reservations Lucky Junk Project Bag

When I saw this display at a local nursery — Knuppers in Palatine, Illinois — I knew that I had not only sipped the “chippy chalk paint” koolaid, I had become drunk on it. This display made me melt in my unpainted jeans. So cute — I guess I’m a convert! And now I know how to create these pretty items.


I’ve already got a list of items to paint — my childhood Windsor chair, a pine planter box, a rummage sale wall shelf, a pink step stool I plucked from a neighbor’s trash, and my broken-but-patched cupid outdoor sculpture. All of these would benefit from a little TLC with chalk paint and wax.

I can’t wait to start! I am definitely a chalk paint convert.

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