23 Days of Christmas 2011: Christmas Shoes

This post is totally based on what “I wish.” I saw these drop-dead-gorgeous shoes in my favorite catalog and since I can’t wear them, I could only imagine WHO would wear them. Cause it wouldn’t be me. Anymore.

I can remember the day that I was wearing the most fabulous shoes  that I have ever owned — purple suede and black patent leather spectator pumps with three-inch heels. It was the last time I ever wore fabulous shoes. I was at a conference in Oakbrook and at lunch I went to Naturalizer and bought sensible shoes because my feet hurt so badly I couldn’t stand it another minute. It was the beginning of the downhill slippery slope upon which I now stand — poised for nothing but boring shoes.

I hope you can buy and wear these adorable shoes. You deserve them because you too are fabulous. For my male readers, if the shoe fits… but I’m not judging.

So who should wear these shoes? The first person that came to mind was Christina Aguilera, and she’s got a fabulous Christmas album if you’d like to honor her by her music along with her fashion.

Mariah Carey came next in my fantasy singer draft for the red shoes. Although at the moment, Mariah seems busy popping out babies, her Christmas albums have been best sellers and I can totally see her wearing the red shoes when she’s not taking care of her twins. Carey’s 1994 Christmas album, Merry Christmas, was the best-selling holiday album of all time. She released two versions of “All I Want for Christmas” in music video; this one is supposed to mimic home movies.

Mariah’s now-classic addition to the secular Christmas music canon has held up well over the years. It was used in my favorite Christmas movie, Love Actually, and in the film is sung by 11-year-old Olivia Olson. While coming home from Thanksgiving celebrations in Ohio, I heard Justin Bieber’s duet with Carey which appears on his 2011 Under the Mistletoe Christmas album. We thought it was a little creepy when we heard it; it’s one thing to sing a duet with a real person in an album, but the listener can tell that they each recorded their parts separately and never worked together. I’m not criticizing The Bieb; we think he’s very talented and the Christmas album is a nice addition to your playlist. While researching this post, I also found out that the divine Amber Riley covered “All I Want” on the Glee Christmas II album. It’s pretty Mercedes-fabulous!

And finally, how could any fabulous shoes post be complete without the queen of spike heels, Miss Dolly Parton? Her 1990 album, Home for Christmas has just the right touch of down-home twang and country instrumentals while still showcasing Dolly’s amazing voice and styling.

This is part of the second annual 25 Days of Christmas series; here’s my 2010 post for December 3.

And yes, Lala, they will come in your size if you tell Santa that you want them.

3 Days of Christmas

At Christmas, there’s always time for movies in my schedule. This year, I watched The Holiday early on, but then got stalled and interrupted by life. Finally, last weekend, I sat down with my DVD player and watched two from my personal library, Four Christmases and Love Actually.

Let’s start with Four Christmases. I have a healthy respect for Reese Witherspoon, and Vince Vaughn can usually play a character successfully. Under those circumstances, this movie was within the realms of acceptability, even though it gets negative online reviews. Basically, Witherspoon and Vaughn are San Francisco yuppies who have decided to remain unmarried and childless. They have escaped their crazy childhoods and usually evade going home (to each of their four divorced parents’ households) for Christmas by pretending to be doing relief work in some country where they are unreachable. Instead, they take a self-indulgent expensive vacation.

When San Francisco is fogged in and they are interviewed on local news about their changed plans, they are forced into visiting their families for Christmas. It’s pretty broad satire with a lot of physical comedy thrown in, and if your family even comes close to the caricatures presented, you may feel a trifle uncomfortable. Since my family NEVER exhibits any of the traits that are being lampooned, I can laugh at their adventures without feeling criticized. Four Christmases is only worth a once-a-year viewing, but is still fun.

That brings us to my all-time favorite, Love Actually. I’m a sucker for a romantic ensemble movie, and I have loved the interwoven plot design of Love Actually since the first time I saw it. I’ve watched it MANY times since then, by the way, and continue to love it every time. I never tire of Bill Nighy’s pitch-perfect aging rock star or Hugh Grant’s conflicted prime minister. Each love story and the characters involved in it is compelling and realistic. My personal favorite is when Kris Marshall, playing Colin Frissell, packs his backpack full of condoms and flies from London to Milwaukee to find a willing American girl who thinks he’s “Prince William without the scary family.” His visit to a “normal American bar” is hysterical. As I write this, I keep thinking of other scenes that tickle my fancy and make me smile every time. Love Actually is not for children — big warning on that — but for adults with a sense of humor, I highly recommend it.

It looks like time has gotten the best of me, and I may not actually get to watch White Christmas BEFORE Christmas. Somehow,I don’t seem to have White Christmas in DVD; how did that happen? Maybe I can pick one up tomorrow, because it’s not really Christmas until Rosemary Clooney sings “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me.”

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. See you tomorrow.

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