Penny Rugs and Ball Jars Tablescape

In honor of Thanksgiving, today’s tablescape features two all-American household items, penny rugs and ball jars.GotMyReservations - Penny Rugs and Ball Jars Tablescape Intro

Penny rugs are a decorative art made by appliqueing round cloth medallions onto another piece of cloth in a pattern. As with many fabric crafts, penny rugs were first made when materials were scarce, as they were during Civil War times. Small scraps of wool and felt were attached to a rough fabric such as burlap or felt using a blanket stitch to make a table runner or mat; they were too delicate to actually use as rugs. Continue reading

Purple Haze Tablescape

Tiered centerpieces have always intrigued me and I’ve saved pictures and pinned more than a few sites with elaborate tiered beauties. When I re-discovered matching purpley Partylite candle rings in my stash closet, I figured that I had the inspiration for a new fall tablescape. It didn’t quite turn out as expected, but I present my Purple Haze Tablescape — a little bit more of “kissing the fall sky” before we launch into Christmas.Purple Haze Tablescape Intro

My inspiration for this ‘scape started with this tiered centerpiece from Note Songs 2013. I cannot find the original post, but do visit Shelia at Note Songs and say “Hi!” I liked the way the textures of the white roses, artichokes, and glass played together. Continue reading

Baguette du France Vignette

Becoming part of the tablescaping community has been really inspirational for me, as I have been treated to home decor genius by many creative ladies (and a few gentlemen). I’ve always been a person who “set the table” and created tablescapes, but I was never particularly good at creating vignettes around my house.

I just don’t seem to have the vignette gene.

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Falling Leaves Tablescape

As I look around my neighborhood, it’s pretty clear that autumn is in its last surge of brilliant color.

GotMyReservation Falling Leaves 2

Japanese maple in its fall foliage

After years of nursing along tiny stripling shrubs, their reason for existence in my hedgerows is finally obvious.

GotMyReservation Falling Leaves 3

The burning bush is showing off its hot pink leaves with abandon.

The tabletop in my dining room is also displaying an autumnal theme — the Falling Leaves Tablescape.

GotMyReservations-Falling Leaves Tablescape Intro

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Inspiration from Pottery Barn

I love catalogs. When the holiday catalogs start rolling in during October and early November, I am greedy in my eagerness to see what new and wonderful things are out there in the stores. I rarely buy any of it, but sometimes use the beautiful photos as an inspiration for my own decor. Because you are my people and are kindred spirits, you know exactly what I mean.

Take, for example, this stunning mantel piece from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Autumn Centerpiece

Image Credit

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Quoth The Raven Tablescape

For months I’d been planning to do homage to Edgar Allan Poe, the literary master of scary stuff, for my Halloween tablescape. I bought a raven statue as soon as they went on special the first time at Michael’s.  Imagine my surprise when I started seeing black birds on all the table displays at my favorite stores. I was absolutely crushed that I wasn’t original. I got over that when I realized that pretty much everyone in tablescaping land has black birds in their stash, and so with only one day to go, I set up my Quoth the Raven tablescape.

GotMyReservations - Quoth the Raven Intro

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Pumpkin Delight Tablescape

It’s that time of year — time for the Pumpkin Delight Tablescape. I’m not all that fond of orange, but I managed to find a vision for pumpkin time that I could live with.

GotMyReservations-Pumpkin Delight Tablescape Intro

The Pumpkin Delight Tablescape adds fall elements in an eclectic mix of formal and informal tableware.

For the first time in my life, I have a dining room table and chairs that I ordered exactly the way I wanted them to be. I’ve been the lucky beneficiary of many a hand-me-down table, and for this I am grateful, but I figured that I deserved the dining room set that I wanted, not what my relatives wanted. My Amish-made oak table and chairs are crafted in Illinois and are sturdy as well as beautiful — and with all the leaves in the table it will seat twelve. Yay! Continue reading

Falling in Love with White and Gold

I’m a person who enjoys a challenge, so it doesn’t take much for me to pick up the proverbial glove when it comes to a tablescaping dare. Cuisine Kathleen and friends, here’s my take on the All-White Tablescape Challenge — the Falling in Love with White and Gold Tablescape!

GotMyReservations - Falling into White and Gold Tablescape Intro

The rules were pretty simple. The challenge was to use ONLY WHITE dishes, and ONE other color for linens , silverware or whatever. The charger could be in the accent color. Continue reading

Apple-Themed Fantasy Tablescape

It’s rare that I repeat a theme, but when Cuisine Kathleen announced her apple theme for today, I had to create a new Apple -Themed Fantasy Tablescape. Just a few weeks ago, I presented An Apple for the Teacher, and really had fun digging into my stash for apple-themed items. With the new challenge in front of me, I decided to re-invent the ‘scape using some new pieces along with some that I used the first time.

GotMyReservations -- Apple Fantasy Tablescape Intro

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Outside Inside Transitional Tablescape

I had a July birthday this summer. Again. I threw myself a party. Again. Since my birthday is inevitable and I love throwing parties, I decided to create a set of linens that would work with my three outdoor tables and that I would love to use on my birthday and possibly other times throughout the year. The Outside Inside Tablescape idea was born.

GotMyReservations -- Outside Inside Tablescape

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