Share: How to make dish flowers

I ran across the tutorial on Facebook and it’s really a good one. I’ve always loved the look of the glass flowers I see at markets and in other people’s gardens.

Click into photo for tutorial and image credit

The article from Flea Market Gardening makes it seem pretty easy to make garden ornaments out of old dishes. I’ve never done this since I never met a dish I didn’t want to put on my table, but this tutorial makes me hopeful. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Share: How to make dish flowers

  1. That is awesome, Jennie! What a great way (and easy) to use old dishes. I’ll be considering my old chipped dishes in a whole new light! That site has some gorgeous examples, and my wheels are turning…cabinet door knobs for the centers, wine bottles to glue on the backs – upside-down like they showed for putting on a stake. And the spoon! Gosh, this was great. Thanks!

  2. I love the idea of it, but I can only imagine how the deer would destroy anything I put out there. Those rascals have pillaged and torn through our yard so bad…just makes me boiling mad!!! They have absolutely no regard for the hard work we put in! 🙂

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