Summer Green Tablescape

It all started with these cute plates from Tuesday morning. French script, a radish, and a stylized fleur de lis pattern had me hooked. At $2.99 each, they were a bargain I couldn’t pass up.GotMyReservations Summer Green Tablescape Intro

The textural elements just began to create themselves — the crocheted lace tablecloth in a muted beige, the play of the dark wicker placemats against the lighter colors, and the glorious greens of summer.  The trefoil bronze vase from Garden Ridge continued the French theme.

GotMyReservations Summer Green Tablescape 2

I wanted to use a napkin fold that complemented the plate but didn’t mar the simple beauty of the lacy placemat against the crocheted tablecloth. Mr. Internet always has the answer and I found it here. My everyday stainless nests in the folded napkin with another stylized fleur de lis pattern. Remember when I bought all of these green-patterned napkins from Tuesday Morning?

GotMyReservations Summer Green Plate and Napkin

This summer has been a time of continuing recovery from my knee replacement, so lots of exercise and therapy has been balanced by siesta time. The margarita glasses borrowed from a friend send a summer message to take it easy!

GotMyReservations Summer Green Siesta

Grocery store flowers brighten up the dark tones and create a focal point.

GotMyReservations Summer Green Centerpiece

My green depression glass juicer often serves as a cracker bowl, nut bowl, or on the bar filled with actual lemon wedges. Don’t be afraid to use vintage items in unexpected ways on your table — this juicer is always a conversation starter and it actually works when I need to juice some fruit.

GotMyReservations Summer Green Depression Glass Citrus Juicer

Handmade by a friend who is a glass artist, a fused glass plate holds salt and pepper grinders. I like the utility and the complexity of the shapes of grinders and use them on the table frequently.

GotMyReservations Summer Green Fused Glass Salt and Pepper

The single rose in the bouquet is perfectly opened and beautiful to see.

GotMyReservations Summer Green Centerpiece 2

With a few carefully collected items and some creativity, everyone can set a beautiful table for everyday meals. You and your family are worth it.

GotMyReservations Summer Green Tablescape

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off

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5 thoughts on “Summer Green Tablescape

  1. It’s great to hear you’re working hard on your rehab (and resting) and mending nicely. Isn’t it funny how a new set of plates can get us jazzed? I love your new plates from Tuesday Morning (one of my faves, too). Your antique juicer is wonderful! Thanks for the reminder to use things for unintended purposes. Great serving ideas for the juicer in the ways that you do! Another favorite is the salt grinder. It looks like an old faucet knob! I love that. 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic weekend, Jennie!

  2. Beautiful table, Jennie! But I am gobsmacked by the idea of using the vintage juicer as a serving dish! WHY has that never occurred to me? I need to think outside the box! Love it!

  3. I think it’s just my age and time in live. But I’m always amazed at how MANY dishes and types of dishes and things you have! I’m honestly impressed my roommates and I own most of a matching set (I break them too often)!

  4. I LOVE this table! Those dishes are wonderful (gotta love Tuesday Morning!) and I love the way you accented the rest of the tablescape. Well done, and thanks for sharing.
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. Hi there, Miss Jennie!!! You have been a busy bee! What a relaxing dining environment! The crocheted tablecloth is gorgeous!!! I marvel at the way those are so meticulously put together. They add a lot of character to any table, and this table is certainly no exception.

    I remember when you bought the Motherlode of napkins, and this is a great new pairing with them! You were very wise to place the napkin on the plate to let the table covering stand on its own.

    The dishes are TOO cool!!! I haven’t been in Tuesday Morning recently (I’m trying SO hard to be good!), but you’d better believe I would’ve been all over these had I seen them there! I know you love anything and everything French, so I can imagine how happy you were to see these…and at such a great price!

    The brightness of your flowers really adds to the overall look. There’s nothing quite like the brilliance of fresh cut flowers for a centerpiece!

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