Tomato Season Begins

My daughter knows me pretty darn well. When she went to Rome on vacation, she brought me a beautiful tea towel to be used for staging still life food and tableware photos.

GotMyReservations Roma Tomatoes

When I saw my first ripe Italian plum tomatoes on the vine, I knew just how to use her beautiful gift.

Now I have to figure out what to do with those heirloom purple cherry tomatoes that are almost ready!

GotMyReservations Coffee Thank You Sign Off

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5 thoughts on “Tomato Season Begins

  1. So pretty! She really does know you!

    Your tomatoes look wonderful! I might one day give tomatoes a try. It’s all so daunting. I did habanero peppers this year that have turned out really great (and REALLY hot!!!), so I’m encouraged.

    Enjoy your beautiful new tea towel, your yummy tomatoes, and your weekend!

    • Not only were the tomatoes pretty, they were really sweet and ripe when I ate them. Yum — I love summer veggies!

  2. Love the towel Jenni, and every time you use it you will think of your daughter. Love those kinds of gifts.
    I have been getting some delicious grape tomatoes the past couple of weeks. Can’t wait for the bigger ones. I’ve been dreaming of BLT’s for months.

    • My cherry tomatoes aren’t quite ready — their spot in the garden gets a little more shade than the other plants. I’m looking forward to the purple tomatoes. Thanks for commenting, Kristi!

  3. Love that tea towel! Your daughter did good and was thinking of you and your blog life. That’s very special.

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