Alycia Nichols, You Made My Day

I said it. I said “Uncle.”

I have spent my day in a funk after visiting my orthopedist and coming to a decision about my arthritic knee. He told me that I have to say “uncle” before he’ll consider doing knee replacement.


I’ve been suffering from what I call marching band knees for many years — my knees are shot from too many years of abuse and too many years of being overweight. I had arthroscopic knee surgery in 2002 and my doctor told me I’d be begging him for a knee replacement in five years. Well, it’s been eleven years, and I have been determined not to wimp out. Everyone said that it would become clear — that I would know when it was time for a knee replacement.

Sometimes life’s lemons are sweetened with sugar.

I still don’t know about the knee replacement, but I do know that I was in a bad place today. And then along came this wonderful post from my friend, Alycia Nichols of Tablescapes at Table Twenty- One.

Click into the photo to see Alycia’s amazing tablescape!

In February, when we were putting the final touches on our April 2013 trip to France, I posted about these cute placements I saw online. Then I dragged my traveling companions all over Paris trying to find these pink and green ones because my blogging buddy Alycia liked them. For those of you who don’t know Alycia, she is the kindest commenter out there in the blogging universe, and I wanted to thank her for her generosity with her time for other bloggers.

Click into the photo to see the full post.

What she created with a silly quartet of plastic placements is truly amazing and I am thankful once again for her thoughtfulness. Sometimes people outside of the blogging community don’t understand the sense of community and friendship that develops in the blog world among people who may never meet each other in person, and my friendship with Alycia is one of those connections that surpasses reason.

So, if a knee replacement will get me back to Paris, and London, and Rome, and Venice, and Florence, and Berlin, and Prague, and Istanbul, I’d better buck up and do it. My travel bucket list goes on and on… and Alycia and I need more stuff for our tablescaping stashes!

Please visit Alycia’s beautiful tribute to Paris. You won’t be disappointed.




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2 thoughts on “Alycia Nichols, You Made My Day

  1. Oh, good heavens, Jennie! Thank you!!!!! Awww…this is so nice! I appreciate it! Believe me…it was my pleasure to do this because I really, really, really like these placemats!!! I have nothing even close to this in my stash, so it’s a very welcome (and perhaps envied by all the other placemats!) addition!

    As for your knee, my dear….say “Uncle!” already! You and I both have waited until things have gotten way out of hand to get our bodies right. With each year that ticks by, we’re just putting ourselves at greater risk. So let’s just woman up and do it! It’s gonna hurt like heck and be a super inconvenience, but we know we have to do it! C’mon…join me in surgery! 🙂

    You’re such a doll! Thank you again for everything! I am just really touched by your sweet gestures!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Well, the thorn in my 61 year old flesh is degenerative disc disease, herniated, causing constant pain in neck and shoulders. Hit me like a bolt out of the blue the year I turned 60, just as I was transitioning into my glorious long-awaited retirement.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have retreated to my computer corner “in a funk” and became so uplifted by certain bloggers, including you, that I became totally oblivious to the pain.

    Thanks to all of you who share the beauty of your wonderful life!!!

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