Photo Stories: DSLR 101 Fail

I put another notch in my retirement bedpost today.

No, not that kind of notch. I actually turned my new DSLR camera off of the automatic setting and tried to take some pictures on manual. I thought that before I go to camera club with the other retirees, I should actually learn how to use my camera. 🙂  I was inspired by Nan’s post on Silver Magpies — and she photographed some cherry tomatoes in a silver bowl for Facebook, so I thought I would try it too.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as successful on my first try, so I tried again.

And again.

I was still unhappy with what I was getting, so I took it in the “flower” mode on the pre-programmed settings. It may have even flashed, but I don’t think so.

According to the book I got from the library, an ISO of 2000 is crazy, even in the low light of my dining room. I’d appreciate any suggestions from my readers… clearly I haven’t figured out this manual setting thing at all. If you click into the photos, I’ve put the settings I used on each photo.

I do love the juxtaposition of the simple cherry tomatoes against the silver compote and the lace tablecloth, though. Thanks, Nan!

One step at a time, baby. That’s what I keep telling myself.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Stories: DSLR 101 Fail

  1. I have a $1000 camera I bought to photograph Heather’s wedding, and it works so well on automatic I can’t get round to learning what I surely ought to know.

    • I’ve been having a lot of fun with my camera all summer, and since it’s digital, I can throw away images that aren’t good. The problem is, I want to know what to do when it’s not good light, or it’s raining, or it’s cloudy. You know, when I visit you in England.

  2. I think the last one is great, and other 2 seem to be just too dark. However, since I know nothing about photography, I’ll leave it to you to figure out. Keep up the good work!

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