Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

I’m on a brief hiatus while I enjoy my out-of-town company, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful post about the Roquefort region in France.

Our House in Provence is one of my favorite finds among the French bloggers I follow; Michel lives in the United States with his family and also owns a home in Provence. I love the travelogues that are presented and every story makes me more and more eager to experience Provence for myself!

People either love or hate “moldy” cheese; does this photo of aging Roquefort make you hungry? Or do you hate it?

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2 thoughts on “Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

  1. I came to live in Europe when I was 26 and until then I hated blue cheese, but I had an English friend who used to go into raptures over Stilton cheese and I was determined to understand and experience it. It did take many months of trying it and she did think I was a little strange to continue persevering with something I didn’t like, but it worked. Now I LOVE blue cheese and Roquefort is one of my favourites, especially now I live in France. I also love the Italian cheese Gorgonzola, simply divine.

    • I’m already starting to plan my third trip to France — my second trip is in April 2013 — since in this one we won’t have have time for the cheese caves. So much to see and so much to eat… but at least I have more time now.

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