Flower Stories: More Orchids

I’ve been sitting with a friend in the hospital, providing moral support and acting as another pair of eyes and ears for the family when they can’t be there.

Our group of friends sent this beautiful orchid plant to the hospital. Absolutely gorgeous all on its own, but you know I can’t resist playing with the image.

First I took the photo with the built in camera on my iPhone 4 with no applications. It’s interesting how the hospital green background — why are hospitals always green?– turned into blue. I didn’t do anything to the photo.

Then I was demonstrating to my friend how the different photo apps work on the iPhone. For this one, I used Instagram and just took a photo against her hospital tray. I showed her how I can blur out an ugly background very easily. It’s not quite in focus, but I could have gotten it in focus if I took a little more time. I was just playing to keep my friend occupied. 🙂

I’ve taken the blue background photo and applied some saturation, which makes the color even more amazing in this photo. Which do you like better?

Since I was intrigued by the dilemma presented by Leanne Cole on her photography blog, I thought I’d play with these images a little bit. I encourage you to visit Leanne and her beautiful images; is the amount of processing we can easily do with digital images cheating or is it just another form of art?

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5 thoughts on “Flower Stories: More Orchids

  1. Interesting that the first full photo of the plant does show the background in green, and the next turns it blue. Hope your friend is doing better.

    • She’s doing much better and making great progress. As far as the photo goes, I’m thinking that perhaps my iPhone camera isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if it can’t read color accurately. I was there, experiencing the hospital green again today. It’s definitely not Mediterranean blue like my photo says.

  2. Well, first of all, I’m sorry to hear that your friend is in the hospital .. but I suspect that having a good friend like you to help out is a comfort to her and her family. And what a lovely and unique flower to send to someone!!! I think that will help her get better at least 3% faster than “regular” flowers.

    • Things are much better on the friend front. She’s making great progress. On the orchid front, I’m not making doing as well. I had flowers; then they died and I now have the plant in hibernation waiting for more buds. People tell me they are really easy, but I’m not yet a fan. I think you have to have the perfect window. We’ll see.

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