My Dad Would Have Loved Facebook

My father was a man ahead of his time. I’ve talked about him here and here and here. Sadly, he passed away in 2009, and got rid of his computer about 2004 when he could no longer see the monitor clearly because he had macular degeneration.

P.S. My mom wasn’t particularly happy about that but she wasn’t in charge. That’s another story for another day.

He would have loved Facebook. He was desperate to share his ideas with the world and he would have been thrilled to see everyone’s photos. He would have figured out a way to convert his slides to digital images so he could post them on Facebook.

And then he would have stalked and commented. Can you image what a man of 80 years old who had no filters might say? I shudder to think about it. Would people be kind, or would they block him?

I really wish I could teach my daddy how to use Facebook. He would have been the best stalker ever and the best poster any of us have ever known.

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6 thoughts on “My Dad Would Have Loved Facebook

  1. My daddy really would have loved Facebook, but realistically, I’m not sure we would have loved him back. He would never have been content just to lurk. He would have engaged.

    Isn’t that the dichotomy of the love/hate relationship with our parents? Just as my children are sometimes embarrassed by my Facebook posts, I’m sure I would have cringed at some of his.

  2. Veronica’s mother is 84 and they gave her an iPad for her birthday. Now she’s never off fb

  3. This is a post for the ages! I love to see the older generation embracing Facebook, and to read that your Dad would have been leading the pack is just so cool! My Mom is on FB, and she chimes in on every conversation…even those with my crazy son’s age group! I think it would have been a great way for your Dad to reconnect with old buddies, and it sounds like he would have taken full advantage of it. Oh my goodness…think of him on Twitter!!!!!! 🙂

    Your Dad sounds like a whale of a guy! Dapper dresser, too! 😉

    • It’s hard to figure out whether or not he would actually have been successful on Facebook, because he wasn’t real good at listening to others’ opinions. We loved him anyway and he would have loved the connections he made to other genealogists through Facebook.

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