13 Days of Christmas 2011: Everybody Needs a Tiara

When I originally decided to do this series with my Victorian Trading Company catalog in hand, I chose this topic for one of my planned days. Then yesterday, I included Suzanne’s birthday story, so it must be followed today by my own tiara story.

Looking at the beautiful iridescence of Suzanne’s tiara, I wondered if one could actually buy this online. I did my normal Google Images search, and finally found one that appears to be similar.

If this is indeed the same product, this company would do itself a favor by rephotographing that tiara so that it catches the light as Suzanne’s did. Apparently Victorian Trading Company considered this in its catalog photography, since both of these tiaras are photographed alluringly. The girls are so demure that it poses the question if one can actually be demure while wearing a crown.

And then I ran across this — clearly God’s answer to my question.

Why would one want to be demure anyway? And for good measure, God also sent me this photo to brighten a very dismal work day.

At the risk of being irreverent, I have to say that this must be proof that God exists. Now I’m off to grade those essays.

Apparently one of the things I did last year was to visit Crate and Barrel and take photos of table settings. I still hope to do that this year!

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One thought on “13 Days of Christmas 2011: Everybody Needs a Tiara

  1. I’m sorry, but the whole fun of a tiara is that it screams “I am special and you are not!” Pretty hard to be demure under those circumstances. What we aim for, then, is “gracious.” Think Princess Kate….

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