31 Days in Europe: Stuff for Sale

Although I know that jumble sales and boot sales are common in England, I don’t think that Europeans ever got into the American romance with stuff. As I packed not one, but two full size refrigerators with food and drink today, I remembered the small fridges I have had in various apartments we have rented while in England, France, and Austria. Buying daily and buying fresh is a time-honored tradition in Europe; there are no trips to Costco that I know of.

Image via buyingandsellingantiques.org

I made three different drop-offs at Goodwill today as I went to the four supermarkets that provided the bounty for my refrigerators. I really wish that I could stick to the one in=one out rule, but I’m still a reluctant purger.

I would list the ridiculousness that is my current state of storage, but it would be too embarrassing. Let’s just say that there are six coolers in my garage. I could be perfectly happy with the folding one on wheels and the mammoth one on wheels that serves as both picnic basket and cooler when we go to Ravinia. Our group does have coordinated tablecloths and candleholders, by the way. We just never have gotten ourselves together to enter the contest.

Image via upchicago.com

Despite the pictures of stately homes and castles full of priceless stuff, many Europeans live well with very little excess. I’d like to emulate that.

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