31 Days In Europe: A Revisit to an Italian Oldie but Goodie

Tuesdays are particularly bad for me in keeping up with blogging in general, and the pace of this 31 Day stuff is really putting the screws on me. Yet, I persevere because I love it!

Image via physictourism.com

Today I’m linking up a previous post about traveling in Italy. Sadly, I have not yet been there but am waiting patiently until my school schedule (or lack thereof) allows me to go to Italy in the spring. Until then, I have to enjoy other people’s travels vicariously, including another pair of our traveling friends who are leaving for Tuscany on Friday. Yes, I’m envious.

Enjoy your day and come back tomorrow for some more photos — I’m not sure where we are headed. Any requests? I could really use some comment love today.

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4 thoughts on “31 Days In Europe: A Revisit to an Italian Oldie but Goodie

  1. Hi Jennie,

    I am dreaming of visiting Europe when the children get a little older (and we have money in the bank for trip like that for 5 people). My list is endless, but at the top is Corfu, Greece. I have swooned over it since reading Gerald Durrell’s “My Family And Other Animals”. Have you been? Have you read his book? I want to see all of the islands, especially Santorini, but Corfu has to be first – or should I save the best for last?

    xoxo michele

  2. Looks like you have a Michele fan club, Jennie. I am enjoying your photos immensely as well as the stories that accompany them. As you know the rooftops of Prague held my interest this summer and gave more credence to the oft quoted, “most beautiful city in Europe.” One or two of your favorites there would be welcome as would a bit of the auld sod for this Irish girl. You will have tremendous difficulty in choosing which shade of green to showcase or which marvelous garden, not to mention a castle or two….hope you find time in the next month to share your favorites from these European spots.

    Michele, too (or is that two?)

  3. Hi Jennie – we went to San Gimignano a few weeks back coz we piggy-backed on Veronica’s sister’s holiday. It’s as good as it looks.

    Michele – what you need is a time machine – I visited Corfu in 1971, and you could pretty much still see how it was in Durrell’s day. Almost all roads outside the main town were unpaved, and you could find a beach that could only be reached by goat-track, and sleep there for weeks in a tent.
    And you can’t get dinner for fifty cents any more! I loved the old coins – we’d just got rid of our old weighty currency in the UK, but Greek coins still had some heft.

    It’s changed in 40 years as much as everywhere else, and doesn’t have that unpaved, rustic atmosphere it did, but is still worth the visit. If you want somewhere that still has links to the way Durrell saw it 80 years ago, you could probably get closer on a smaller island.

  4. So I’m envious of David’s visit to Italy; it’s so easy when you don’t have a trans-Atlantic flight to contend with. I want to read the Durrell book; tomorrow is a day when I can go to the library. Thank you all for commenting!

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